The 2013 DaHui Race – Race Recap by Connor Baxter


Connor Wins The 2013 DaHui Race

The 2013 DaHui race was amazing. It was on the North Shore of Oahu and started at Turtle Bay and went to Waimea Bay, which is about 7 miles. I got there and scoped out my competition and knew who was going to be fast – Travis Grant, Scott Gamble, Kody Kerbox, Mo Freitas, Kaeo Abbey.

Driving on the way up to Turtle Bay, I saw it was going to be a light wind, flat water, downwinder – a grind the whole way. I knew I had to have a good start and non stop paddling until the end. So that’s what I did. Once I heard the horn blow and I jumped to my board as quick as possible. There were about 35 elite paddlers in the race and we had to all fit through this keyhole in the reef. So I made sure to be in the front right from the get go.

Once I got through the reef I did a quick left hand buoy turn and started sprinting catching every bump I could. I stayed in the front the whole time not letting anyone pass me. The farther we got the less windy it got – plus it started blowing off shore. So I stayed close to shore and tried to stay in front. I stayed in front for the rest of the race all the way until the finish. Where I hit the beach and had a 300 meter sprint uphill in deep sand just to top it off.

Overall I was super stoked on my first place, especially since I will be racing most of these guys for the next three weeks.

I want to thank my sponsors for all their support – Starboard, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Rainbow Sandals, Futures Fins, Dakine, GoPro, OnIt Pro, Waterman’s Sunscreen, Igloo Coolers, Sunrite Maui, Hammer Nutrition, iDcard, EFX and Hi-Tech Sports.

Also a big Mahalo to all the event organizers and volunteers. Excellent Event!! Look forward to next year.

Connor Baxter

Photos: Karen Baxter



Through Keyhole in Reef




1st around Buoy


Leaders Connor, Mo, Kody





Sprint up Beach


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