2014 Stand Up World Series Finals at Turtle Bay Day 2: Sprint Races



Here are some photos from day 2 of the 2014 Stand Up World Series Finals at Turtle Bay. Just like last year, the waves were pumping which provided spectacular racing action. Congratulations to all the winners!

2014-suws-finals-at-turtle-bay-sprint-races-01 Congratulations to Zane Schweitzer who took the win by crossing the line just inches in front of Kai Lenny

2014-suws-finals-at-turtle-bay-sprint-races-17 Even with his 2nd place in the sprints, Kai Lenny still took the overall event win with his 1st place from Day 1

2014-suws-finals-at-turtle-bay-sprint-races-24 Halie Harrison took the top spot for the women’s sprints giving her the overall event win for the weekend

2014-suws-finals-at-turtle-bay-sprint-races-57 2nd place was enough for SIC team rider Lina Augaitis to take the 2014 Stand Up World Series Women’s Title

2014-suws-finals-at-turtle-bay-sprint-races-74 It was a pressure-free race for Connor Baxter having won the 2014 Stand Up World Series Men’s Title in Huntington Beach California

2014-suws-finals-at-turtle-bay-sprint-races-36 Fiona Wylde

2014-suws-finals-at-turtle-bay-sprint-races-13 Mo Freitas

2014-suws-finals-at-turtle-bay-sprint-races-34 Sonni Hönscheid (left) and Angela Jackson (right)

2014-suws-finals-at-turtle-bay-sprint-races-65 Jake Jensen and Kai Lenny

2014-suws-finals-at-turtle-bay-sprint-races-70 3-way battle

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