Mastic Tape Stand Up Paddle Protector


Here’s an email and pictures from Beau in Washington and his “Mastic Tape Paddle Potector” that I thought I’d share with you guys:


Hi Evan,

Thought I’d send some pics of SUP’n “Washington style”.

I returned from a trip to Kauai in June where I saw so many folks doing SUP that I was hooked without even trying it. My first set up was an old wind surfer and a home made paddle I fashioned out of a kayak blade and an aluminum pole. Next I got a carbon paddle and then the epoxy SUP board. All my paddling consists of flat water and “down wind” stuff on Bellingham Bay (about 20 miles from Canada). My town is a huge mecca for kayaks, surf skis and outriggers so I fit right in, only so far I am the only one doing SUP. Right now I have to put on the full wet suit and booties but it is still awesome.

Thanks for letting a mainland haole borrow your sport!!

Beau Whitehead

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4 Responses to “Mastic Tape Stand Up Paddle Protector”

  1. Evan Leong 1evan

    Beau – The pictures are cool and your home made paddle is pretty sweet. I like the T top. Your bay looks really nice for stand up paddling. Thanks for emailing!

  2. Keoki 2Keoki

    Nothing like being the first guy in your town doing SUP.
    Instant guru status or “that guy is nuts”. Wait a year and we’ll see who’s nuts.

  3. Bob 3Bob

    I was surprised at how well the mastic tape works. I put two layers on and have put it through the paces and it works great

  4. Stefan 4Stefan

    I know what the feeling is to be first in town. I am even the first in the whole area around Stuttgart Germany. But still the sport is worth it.

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