Stand Up Paddles at Wet Feet Hawaii – Video Part 2


Stand Up Paddles at Wet Feet Hawaii

Jeff of Wet Feet takes us through their inventory of paddles from a variety manufacturers namely C4, Surftech, and Quick Blade. He also talks about the materials of each paddles and what they’re good for.

Wet Feet offers a wide choice of paddles so there should be something that fits your paddle preferences from them.

Watch Jeff explain the different designs and shapes from the T-grip, to the shaft, to the blade.

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Jeff: …and this is the Surftech. This is one of the first paddles that came out along with the C4’s older one. This is Surftech Laird.

Evan Leong: The blade looks kind of different, huh?

Jeff: The blade is different.

Evan Leong: Kind of square-ish looking.

Jeff: Yeah, it’s one of the first ones that came out.

Evan Leong: There’s no dihedral really on this thing either, huh? It’s just a little bit convex. If you look at this you can see a little bit convex. And then the shaft is kind of that weaved looking type shaft.

Jeff: It’s all carbon though. It’s for the people who like that traditional oar shape.

Evan Leong: Looks like a similar kind of T-top.

Jeff: Actually Surftech is coming out with a whole new line of paddles in 2008 – they will be actually made by Quickblade.

Evan Leong: Oh ok. Will they look pretty much like Quickblade then? And then how about those wood paddles?

Jeff: Let’s look at this one first. This is the Art-In-Surf paddles. This is actually one of my favorites.

Evan Leong: Art-In-Surf. Who produces Art-In-Surf?

Jeff: It’s made by some guys in Brazil and it’s pretty unique. There’s a two-piece, but they also have a one piece. It’s got a really nice feel So the unique thing about this paddle is that it has got more curve than any of the others…

Evan Leong: You mean the scoop…

Jeff: Yeah, the scoop – so it wraps the water pretty well in the surf. Doesn’t have the dihedral but it seems pretty stable.

Jeff: And yeah, nice paddle and also good price, 310, actually 285 for the one piece – all-carbon paddle.

Evan Leong: It’s a nine-inch blade? Looks kind of big.

Jeff: Nine-inch yeah. And 310 for the two-piece. I like this paddle, I use it in the surf. Next we are going to the Kialoa. This is the 9-inch. They also make 8 ½ and again you look at the blade they’re all really similar.

Evan Leong: They all look similar but they are different. This one has a lower dihedral piece, much lower. Look at that, and the contour right here is different, yeah?

Jeff: Yeah, it’s a little more turned down. This is they’re aluminum shaft carbon blade. They also have a full-carbon paddle, which we’re sold out of right now.

Evan Leong: Why did they go aluminum shaft?

Jeff: This one is indestructible. If you have problems breaking paddles you got to get this one because you can’t break this one.

Evan Leong: This aluminum is it light?

Jeff: Not bad. But it’s really stiff and it’s really strong.

Evan Leong: Can you dent the aluminum?

Jeff: I don’t think so. Maybe you could but I haven’t seen it yet.

Evan Leong: have you used that paddle?

Jeff: Uh huh and it’s really stiff. Got good power. So this one is – actually the aluminum is slight ovalized. I think the C4 also has a slightly ovalized, whereas the Quickblade is round. So, Kilo and C4 use an ovalized grip… ok then down here we got the wood paddles. These are the Kinimakas, shipped by Leleo. He is one of the best stand up surfers in the world. So this has got some lineage to this paddle – the Kinimaka family; long-time paddling, surfing family in Hawaii.

Evan Leong: This is Blane Chambers signature model?

Jeff: Yes. And he also has a dovetail model, which is really unique. This one right here?

Evan Leong: Have you used that one? Yeah, I have used this. I have one of these. It’s really nice. Stiff, the shaft is really ovalized. The paddle is super stiff and it actually has got some concave in here. I don’t know if you…

Evan Leong: I was able to try that. I just got it yesterday. Tried it.

Jeff: It also has the dove-tails here. They curve up a little bit so the water seems to come down the paddle and flow out through this little groove here. Pretty nice paddle.

Evan Leong: Leleo says that it feels like you have two fingers in the water.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah exactly. He’s from the Big Island so he has got the inlay of the Big Island. Beautiful workJeffship on this paddle.

Evan Leong: Yeah, it’s nice Jeff.

Jeff: I mean if you just want a paddle to show how pretty it is, this is really nice. And what we do for people also is if you’re a beginner, we put this paddle edging on for you. This is the Infinity paddle edging. This prevents your board from getting pinned up when you hit it with a paddle. Later on you don’t need it. So that’s it with the paddle.

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