Installing Handle Mounts for a Stand Up Paddle Surfboard at Wet Feet Hawaii – Part 2 – Video


Attaching Handles on Stand Up Paddle Board at Wet Feet Hawaii

Wet Feet’s resident handyman takes us through the process of installing handle mounts on a stand up paddle surfboard. It’s worth it once you have those handles installed on your board. It will be much easier to carry, plus, it can be used as a grip to grab on to while in the water.

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Clarke: Ok, so you can take this off. So I have the, the utility knife is just barely coming out here. I’m just going to trace along my tape stencil as it were.

Evan: You can see the rail protection stuff on the outside too.

Clarke: Yeah, the rail protector really prolongs the life of the rail when people are learning to paddle because they tend to bang the rails quite a bit.

Evan: Does that stuff come off pretty easily or no?

Clarke: Yeah, you can take it off. It peels right off. It’s a gradual process. Do too much in one shot. Ok.

Evan: How do you clean off the excess stuff on there or it all comes off?

Clarke: What we do is we actually have acetone, which will clean any residual adhesive off the surface of the board and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to take a little bit of sandpaper and just scour the surface here to help with the adhesion on the back of the pad.

Evan: Ok.

Clarke: I’ll clean this up a little bit, se how close we are. Make any adjustments necessary. Looks like a nice fit. So it’s nice. It’s recessed into the pad.

Evan: Ok, cool.

Clarke: Yeah, just makes it pretty clean. And basically we’re going to repeat that process three more times and then we’ll prep the surface before we add the pads.

Clarke: You can just roll it on to your finger. It’ll come off.

Evan: You just roll it off?

Clarke: Yep, you just roll it off.

Evan: But you need acetone for that?

Clarke: Yeah, not for the big stuff. Not for the big chunks. The acetone is good just for cleaning any residual leftovers.

Clarke: Here’s a proper protective gear. I’m working with acetone. Nice thing is I run out of acetone I just go to the nail salon right here and I borrow some of theirs.

Clarke: You can see the adhesive on the deck pad is so strong it’s actually taking some of the gel coat off the top of the board here. But we’re going to sand this here anyways.

Evan: So basically, you’re going to sand the clear coat off.

Clarke: I’m going to scour it. I’m not actually going to remove it. I’m just going to scour it, which will make it easier for the adhesive to adhere to the board, give it something to grab on to.

Evan: What’s the chance of the adhesive sticking so much to the gel coat and the gel coat just ripping off?

Clarke: I suppose it’s possible.

Evan: But you haven’t seen that yet?

Clarke: I haven’t seen that yet, yeah. Ok.

Clarke: That’s the first step of the surface preparation. Second step will be scouring the surface.

Evan: What kind of sand paper? What grade?

Clarke: This is 120, and its a wet/dry sand paper. But you can use pretty much anything. The basic idea is that you just want to scour inside the area where the pad is going to sit, just like this. Put the pad on the outside like this so we don’t scratch the surface where it’s visible.

Clarke: So the pads are going to go in just like that.

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