Kahuna Big Stick Longboard SUP Skateboard by Kahuna Creations


Kahuna Longboard Skateboard

I saw this Kahuna Creations Big Stick and Kahuna SUP Skateboard at the C4 HQ and got a quick demo from Liam (the star of the C4 promo video). He showed his moves down a steep hill and just missed eating the pavement. The ground was pretty wet so he’s trying not to slip.

Kahuna Creations translates their passion in board sports to the high quality and top-notch performance of their longboard skateboards. With speed wobble eliminated, Kahuna longboard skateboards are the smoothest longboards out in the market.
Other features include:
Inlayed solid wood stringers
NO PLYWOOD, veneer, stain or weed
One-of-a-kind masterpiece
Limited Edition Signature
6 foot turning radius
Full support through deep carves
Primo hardware
Burned in logo

Kahuna Longboards are long enough to take a short walk to the nose and hang out for a while, or find that sweet spot in the mid section and carve until your hearts content. The Kahuna Design team weaves throughout the product line a subtle surfing influence.

Checkout Liam’s moves on the Kahuna Longboard.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

Information gathered from www.extremeoutdoorsupply.com.

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11 Responses to “Kahuna Big Stick Longboard SUP Skateboard by Kahuna Creations”

  1. rob 1rob

    What is on the end of the shaft in the first group of photos?

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    It’s a folded over rubber slipper.

  3. KSfenix 3KSfenix

    [..YouTube..] how does it eliminate speed wobbles?????
    doesnt look like it.

  4. lmonne 4lmonne

    [..YouTube..] that guy doesnt look like he can ride. and eliminating speed wobbles is 90% skill and 10% board

  5. DiNoGodiLLO 5DiNoGodiLLO

    [..YouTube..] WTF?

  6. kenton250 6kenton250

    [..YouTube..] standing way way to far back on the board

  7. kevin6390 7kevin6390

    [..YouTube..] Where do you live?!!! that place looks awsome!!!

  8. JogaBonitofootball 8JogaBonitofootball

    [..YouTube..] Hey I have the Keiki Classic Longboard its amazing!!!!! i love my kahuna. I am guessing you live in hawaii

  9. schaefsg 9schaefsg

    [..YouTube..] man he sucks i wasnt that bad when i first started

  10. boltthesuperdog98 10boltthesuperdog98

    [..YouTube..] You need to put your wieght in the middle or on the fron of the board, you also need to bend your knees and spread your feet apart. Also hold the big stick up when you are carving down hills. You may want to do excersizes to improve your ankle muscles, I recomend you buld an indo board and practice on it to improve your control.

  11. darickmeister 11darickmeister

    [..YouTube..] lol at da last part

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