C4 Waterman/BoardWorks Demo Day at Cardiff Reef, January 22, 2008


C4 Waterman/Boardworks
Demo Day
Cardiff Reef, South Peak
Tuesday, 22 January, 0830-1130

Gentle Waterfolk,

Come join us to demo some of C4 Waterman/Boardwork’s latest designs in Stand Up Paddle Boards Tuesday, 22 January. The folks of Boardworks and C4 will be there with some of the most contemporary equipment in high performance stand up paddle board surfing and cruising. We will be there from 0830 to 1130. Available will be SUP’s from the 11’6” to the 9’ Battail; possibly the very popular Uli Inflatable SUP. We may also have two new models: The Holoholo, a 12’ touring/cruising board; and the Vortices 14’ Ocean Racer. Also available to try, the C4 Pohaku Paddles with the patented “dihedral” paddle blade. Starbucks Coffee and VG’s Doughnuts will be provided. Hope to see you there.

Brian Keaulana, Todd Bradley, Dave Parmenter, Phillip Rainey, Rick Thomas, Robby Ellingson, Andy Fisher, Ted

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