Paddle Scuff Mark Removal



It’s almost inevitable that the side of our stand up paddle boards get those irritating black scuff marks from our paddles hitting the rails of the board. I used to use car polish to get it off but sometimes it took a lot of scrubbing and other times it wouldn’t come off at all.

I was at the hardware store today and bought Oops! which is a solvent to remove glue and other residue. I took my stand up board with me to Turtle Bay Resort this past weekend and the valet put on a sticker to identify it as mine. Well, when they took off the sticker, the glue was still stuck on my board. I tried scraping it off with my nails but that didn’t work so that’s why I bought Oops! Oops! took off the glue with a couple wipes and it was as easy as wiping water off the board with a paper towel.

Then I decided to try it on those irritating scuff marks and voila, gone without any effort. This stuff is pretty good so far. I just hope it doesn’t affect my gel coat.

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2 Responses to “Paddle Scuff Mark Removal”

  1. Barry 1Barry

    Just tried acetone to remove the black scuff marks on my board, wiped em right off. Also tried the automotive “clay”, used by automotive detail shops to remove impurities on cars. It also worked great, but not as fast as acetone.

  2. Byron 2Byron

    Cheapest way is soap and Mr.clean sponge. Come off in a flash.


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