First Adjustable Length Stand Up Paddle Preview


C4 Waterman Adjustable Length Stand Up Paddle

I love going to the C4 headquarters because I always get a chance to see the newest stuff coming out. I’ve watched Todd since I met him early last year work on an adjustable length paddle and was stoked to see it’s actually going into production.

The paddle has an aluminum shaft.
C4 Waterman Adjustable Length Stand Up Paddle

It has a fiberglass blade.
C4 Waterman Adjustable Length Stand Up Paddle

On the blade is a drain plug to let out any water that may get in during use.
C4 Waterman Adjustable Length Stand Up Paddle

The handle is an orb shaped grip which is pretty interesting to see. This removes the handle misaligning when adjusting the shaft.
C4 Waterman Adjustable Length Stand Up Paddle

The cool part is how the paddle shaft adjusts in length. It’s kinda like an adjustable floor mop. You twist the top part of the shaft counterclockwise a bit and then move the shaft up or down to adjust the length. Then you twist it clockwise and it’s set in place. The minimum length is 60” and max is 82”.

I’ve been playing between different length shafts and the difference between a really short 36” paddle to sit down and paddle my 10’ board with my 5 yr old son holding onto my shoulders to a 48” paddle to knee paddle with to my 75” cut down blade paddle. Of course there are the other paddles btw 77” – 82” also.

This adjustable paddle solves the length issue. If I want to knee paddle, just twist, turn and now it’s 60” long. Time to stand up to get back out, now it’s 77”. Time to go in and paddle for a while, now it’s 80”. This thing has endless possibilities.

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8 Responses to “First Adjustable Length Stand Up Paddle Preview”

  1. Bob 1Bob

    Very cool….can’t wait to hear how it paddles. How is the weight?

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    I paddled it once last week. I’ve been using a very narrow cut down blade on my paddle so this blade is larger than what I’m used to. I think it’s 8.25″ or so. From what I can tell it paddles very well.

    The round handle is a bit weird at first but after a while it’s fine.

    This paddle is very light. I think it may be lighter than the carbon one but didn’t weigh it.

    The drain plug is cool because you can fill it with water and then shoot water out of it like a super soaker. It shoots pretty far.

  3. Andy 3Andy

    The paddle looks great… is it in production yet ??

    This paddle will be great for our club.. please let us know if you have any more info

    Ride safe


  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    Gotta find out.

  5. Greg Wunderlich 5Greg Wunderlich

    We will announce the ship date of the C4 “Stendy” shortly. Thanks.

  6. Bill Mangan 6Bill Mangan

    I want one. $?

  7. Mike 7Mike

    I bought a C4 Stendy Adjustable paddle at Go Bananas. At first, it seemed like an OK paddle; however, after using it a few times, I noticed A LOT of faults.

    - HUGE yellow ball hand is wood and will ding your board.
    - Paddles does NOT paddle well. Very weak.
    - Too much flex and doesnt “PULL” water when paddling.
    - Too much of a beginner/kiddie paddle. Not for adults.

  8. Greg Wunderlich 8Greg Wunderlich

    The Stendy is not for everyone, but I use one and I like it. The ball grip is quite comfortable and very functional in that it is always lined up with the blade. The handle is made of foam and fiberglass, and it may ding your board if you fall on it hard enough (But any paddle will ding your board.) The quick-twist adjust system works well for me. The eight-inch blade provides plenty of power for me and is great for my son. The Stendy is available in your local sup store or online at Check for the C4’s next demo day and come try one out.

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