Stand Up Paddle Surfing Demo & Clinic by Surf N Sea


Learn to Stand-up Paddle Surf!

Surf N Sea Hawaii is offering a SUP Clinic this Memorial Day weekend for everyone interested in the fast-growing sport of Stand-up Paddle Surfing (SUP).

C4 will have all of our new boards on display, including the Vortice XP, the world’s fastest racing board.

Sign up now. Lessons being at 11am on May 24 and 25.

From the Surf ‘N Sea website:

SUP Introductory Lesson

You’ll learn:

  • water entry and balance
  • proper stance and positioning on the board
  • proper paddling technique

We’ll go through the basics: Getting familiar with and fit with the correct paddle and board, for your size and ability. Next we’ll head out to the calm and quiet bay directly behind the Surf N Sea shop and begin our introduction to the newest craze in surf culture. We’ll take our time getting comfortable on the board before paddling.

So if this sounds interesting or if you’re simply tempted to find a fun new way to stay in shape, stop by SURF N SEA and get signed up now.

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1 Response to “Stand Up Paddle Surfing Demo & Clinic by Surf N Sea”

  1. Woody Williams 1Woody Williams

    Bummers…when is your next clinic?
    My brother and I have been trying this for the pass 3 Saturdays and we’re doing okay…but no where near being good.
    We would like to learn the proper way and build proper habits verses improper habits that will need to be broken.

    Looking forward to you next clinc, please email me with the details…time, place, date, cost etc.


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