Sam Pa’e 8-0 Stand Up Paddle Board


Sam Pa'e 8-0 Stand Up Paddle Board

Another stand up paddle board from Sam Pa’e. This one is an 8 footer and looks pretty cool. That colorful pad on top of the board is actually the same as those rubber pads you can buy at Home Depot. This board was much easier to stand on than his 7′10″. It’s also something like 34″ wide which makes it stable.

I didn’t get a chance to surf it because there were no waves but it looks pretty fun. Check out the video of Sam talking about his board.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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5 Responses to “Sam Pa’e 8-0 Stand Up Paddle Board”

  1. Reid 1Reid

    Wow, very interesting post. He constructed the board from insulation board. I’m assuming he glassed it with epoxy?
    Evan, do you know the details of what he used to glass the board. Makes me want to go out to home depot buy an insulation board and start hacking away!

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    I’ll see if Sam can answer that.

  3. Sam 3Sam

    Aloha Reid,
    Yes, This board is glass with epoxy, but I didn’t glass this board. It was sent out to be glassed by a local glasser here on Oahu,Hawaii.

    The details for this board:
    1) It’s called the “MANTA RAY”….8′x 36″x 2-7/8″

    2) The main core 1-lb.EPS foam and the block was 8′long x 4′ wide x 3″ thick

    3) The glass job is two layers of 6oz. on the top & two layers of 6oz. on the bottom, with a 4×1 fin system.

    Keep in mind that if you choose to use this type of foam you’ll need put a vent plug & glass with epoxy. Also if you choose to go 3″ thick then you’ll have VERY minimal rocker to play with. If you can, use/choose a thicker foam. Maybe something around 6″ thick.

    Hope this was helpful. If you need anymore help feel free to ask……Good Luck


  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    Great info…thanks Sam!

  5. Reid 5Reid

    Thanks for info Sam! Thanks Evan!

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