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We got this email from Cheance:

Hey Folks!

I come to you by way of Chris Koerner who suggested I give you the calendar for the SoCalOceanRacing series.

We are a 9-race winter series open to all types of paddlecraft. We started about 10 or more years ago- some of us did anyway, hosting races for surfskis, then solo outriggers joined the parade, and then the tandem outriggers wanted to play, then paddle boarders trickled in, and now along comes the SUP brigade! It’s awesome!

We welcome the SUP and paddlboard athletes to join our winter racing efforts. This year we will trial the points awards for both disciplines. That means that depending on how many people show up consistently we will award points starting with 12–1 for the top 12 finishers. The person who earns the most points in 6 out of the 9 races will boast the Series Point Winner for that craft. Seeing as how we are new to this effort we will not split it out this year by board type- it will be first 12 over the line.

We will award divisions that maintain 3 or more racers on the line- so consistency is valued.

Currently we are giving awards as follows:

In the paddleboard division

1-2-3 UL
1-2-3 Stock
1-2-3 14’

Masters men 1-2-3 over the line non-board specific
Sr Masters men 1-2-3 over the line noon-board specific

1-2-3 over the line

We ran SUP as 1-2-3 over the line last year for the men as we were not aware of board type/divisions
We acknowledged the SUP women awarding when we could- but they weren’t as plenty or consistent.

What do you think we will see this year? Your feedback is welcomed.
Costs generally are 15-25$ per race, and include lunch, some have t-shirts, awards, great racing and your name in the end of season raffle.
All paddleboards and SUP racers race the short course which is approx 5 miles.

Nov 8th La Jolla Shores Invitational
Dec 6th Oceanside Becky Stuart Memorial
Dec 13th San Diego Tecolote 5000
Jan 17th Santa Barbara Pier Back to Pier
Jan 31st Mission Bay Hanohano Ocean Challenge
Feb 7th NAC Hal Rosoff Classic (Newport)
Feb 21st Lanakila- Carpet Beach Race
March 7th Dana Ocean Challenge
March 21st Marina Championships

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6 Responses to “SoCal Ocean Racing Series”

  1. Tommy 1Tommy

    Is there a website or some other kind of contact info for this series?

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    I emailed Cheance for an answer.

  3. cheance 3cheance

    hey folks! thanks so much for posting our series info. the races will be posted to our eteamz site, and many of the race directors will also post the specifics to their individual outrigger home sites.
    I should have all of the La Jolla Shores info for the Nov 8th event posted by next week. waiting insurance and permit.

    in general: the short course is first- usually at about 9ish, registration can start as early as 730. we try to have short course awards during the long course so people wont have to wait around all day- but you are welcome to stay of course- and you can race paddle board short course, and surfski or outrigger long course. feel free to email me with questions and feedback. I am NOT the series director, I am the liaison to the committee that runs the series- i try to run everything past the others so that we can offer consistency to the paddlers.
    Thanks- looking forward to a great winter! -cheance

  4. Daniel McCarter 4Daniel McCarter

    Sounds like a fun series, I look forward to it. I just returned from “Battle of the Paddle” at Doheny. What a blast. Please email me with up dates and any other race info.
    Thank you, Daniel

  5. matt becker 5matt becker

    Hi, how do I register for the s.b pier back to pier race on jan. 17th? The mission bay race is the only one highlighted.
    Thanks, Matt

  6. Evan Leong 6evan

    I think you need to email Cheance.

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