Starboard 10′0 x 34″ SUP Board



Here is my take on the Starboard 10’ x 34″ stand up paddle board which I tried during my trip to Bangkok, Thailand at the Starboard headquarters.

I like those dual leash plugs because it makes it easy if you run a rope between them to have a handle to grab on to when you get pounded by waves. It also allows the leash to go side to side as needed.

starboard_10x34_sup_board-02.jpg The leash plugs on the tail of the Starboard 10′ x 34″ sup board


Another thing that is interesting in this sup board are the two sets of mounts along the back part of the orange middle stringer made for an attachable wheel cart that Starboard has. You put these little mounts in there and you can slide the wheels on and turn the board upside down. Then carry it from the front like you would kayak with wheels.

 starboard_10x34_sup_board-03.jpg                               Two sets of mounts for Starboard’s detachable wheel


This board has a rounded pintail, which makes it turn better and ride smoother. At 34” wide, anyone can stand and balance on it. A 260 lbs intermediate level rider should still be able to get on this board comfortably. Even beginners can ride this board. It would also be perfect for rental fleets or school usage.

starboard_10x34_sup_board-05.jpg       The handle is offset for comfort


I also find the carry handle very convenient, they may not be a brand new feature, but I like a board with a handle. Some people are scared that they might get a toe stuck in it. I also like the way it’s off set to the side and it’s not straight down the middle because that way, when you carry it you can extend your arm all the way down. You don’t have to keep your elbow bent.

 starboard_10x34_sup_board-06.jpg                               The full nose provides more stability


The full nose in the front part of the board creates more stability and paddle power. If you look at the tail where the fins are at, it thins out quickly.

This board is probably best suited for big people, beginners or even people who want to cruise. I got a chance to ride and paddle it around in flat water, in glassy water at the Cable Park in Bung Taco, Bangkok Thailand, but I have yet to try it in waves. I hope to do so soon.

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5 Responses to “Starboard 10′0 x 34″ SUP Board”

  1. Stoker 1Stoker

    This is a great board that is an instant hit for beginner or experienced water people. It’ll make you smile!

    The great thing about this board is that anybody can hop on for a fun paddle or to get into some surf.

    Only had it for three days now and have been on it since I literally helped the shop owner carry it off of the DHL truck. With nothing over waist high yet, it was a kick in the pants catching waves. SUPER stable.

    The stock fin set-up is a little light. Tried the set up on a demo board with a 9″ center fin which was superior to the current set-up I have (6.5 center). Thanks to my wife burying the board in the ankle biters I can now go out and get the set-up that’s needed with no guilt! BTW-The fin boxes are rock solid.

    If you are looking for something to have as an all-round anybody/family & friends board, this is it. If you are looking for a coastal cruiser or a nimble stick, this is not your board.

  2. randy 2randy

    Evan, are you getting one of these to try locally any time soon?

  3. Evan Leong 3evan

    Randy – I’m getting in a 9′8″x30″ Element in about a month or so but not sure on when I’ll get a chance to try out the Whopper on Oahu. I’ll keep you posted.

  4. Charles Levinson 4Charles Levinson

    I am an American male who recently married a Thai national and will be moving to Bangkok soon. I grew up in the midwest canoeing and kayaking. I moved to Seattle and had 17 kayaks, canoes and trimarans and raced outrigger canoes up and down the coast. Now I shall be moving to Thailand, where I NEED my water ‘fix’. While kayaking this morning near Seattle I met some guys working out on their c-2’s who told me of your company. I will be arriving in Bangkok the end of June or beginning of July and will stop by your shop to look at your product, if I may. Also, by any chance do you have any leads on open canoes, sea kayaks or small trimarans such as a Windrider? Thanks in advance for any info you can give me. Charles Levinson (Seattle area)

  5. Evan Leong 5evan

    Charles – You should check out to contact them.

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