Future Fins – Vector 3/2, 3/2/1, Scimitar and Gerry Lopez



Since there hasn’t been any wind, I’ve been SUP surfing a lot more. I also just got some new Future Fins to play with and finally had some time to test them. If anyone has had success using these fins, please comment below because I’m still trying to figure out which ones work best for different conditions.


future-fins-42.jpg           Future Fins Vector 3/2 467, 3/2/1 452 and Scimitar 451


future-fins-16.jpg           Future Fins Vector 3/2 467, 3/2/1 452 and Scimitar 451

I tried the Future Fins Vector 3/2 4.5″ers in overhead Diamond Head on a Blair 10′1″ a few weeks back. Conditions were glassy and these fins worked really well with the Future 6″ center fin.


future-fins-50.jpg       Blair 10′1″ with Future Fins Vector 3/2 467 sides and 6″ center

I thought it had a much more positive and controlled feeling over the stock 4.5″ sides and 8″ cutaway center fin. I’m still playing with this but I was told to use these fins in larger surf and use the Scimitar fins in smaller surf.


future-fins-33.jpg          Future Fins Vector 3/2 467

The Future 3/2’s have an interesting curve to them. Does anyone know what are these curves for?


future-fins-37.jpg           Future Fins Vector 3/2 curve view


future-fins-39.jpg          Future Fins Vector 3/2 rear view


future-fins-34.jpg       Future Fins Vector 3/2 front view

I then tried the Future Fins Vector 3/2/1 467 fins on the same board but could not tell the difference. Any insights?

I also tried the Scimitar 451 fins on a chest high mushy day at Ala Moana Courts and felt that it was a little bit looser than the 3/2’s but still not that sure. I need more time on them to figure this out. The Scimitar fins seem to have less curves than the 3/2’s and 3/2/1’s. If anyone out there has some suggestions or insights, please comment and share your mana’o (knowledge).


future-fins-17.jpg           Future Fins Scimitar 451


future-fins-21.jpg          Future Fins Scimitar 451 curve view


future-fins-31.jpg           Future Fins Scimitar 451 rear view


future-fins-25.jpg         Future Fins Scimitar 451 front view

I only tried the Gerry Lopez fins once so far and the conditions were probably not ideal for these fins. I need to try these again although I’m really liking the Vector sides.

One thing about these fins is that they are really light in weight. They also look very slick. I’ve been riding my 10′6″ with thrusters but they’re 4.5″ and a bit smaller than the Gerry Lopez fins. I’ll try again soon with these fins however if the trade winds pick up then it may be a while since I’ll be doing downwinders.


future-fins-01.jpg          Future Fins Gerry Lopez


future-fins-02.jpg       Future Fins 5″ Gerry Lopez sides


future-fins-10.jpg           Future Fins 5″ Gerry Lopez center fin


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For more info on Future Fins check out
Future Fins


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3 Responses to “Future Fins – Vector 3/2, 3/2/1, Scimitar and Gerry Lopez”

  1. Ernie 1Ernie

    From what I’ve been told the trailing edge supposedly breaks up the water coming off that edge, so there is less turbulance, thus creating less drag making for a faster feeling fin.

  2. Tyler 2Tyler

    I hear the boxes in the board make the tail stiffer since there is more plastic and resin.

  3. James 3James

    I love my Future Fins, there is less plastic and less resin when you use futures because of how it is designed where ever you heard that is Bullcrap. I am a shaper and will only install Futures because the perfect design. As for the vectors are my favorite in mushy waves because of the less drag and high lift.

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