Surftech Pearson Arrow Laird 10′6″ and 11′ SUP Boards


From Surftech comes another new line of Pearson Arrow surfboards- the Laird 10′6″ and Laird 11′ SUP boards. Here’s a closer look at these boards shaped by Bob Pearson.

Pearson Arrow Laird 10′6″ SUP Board

(click thumbnail to launch video)

surftech-pearson-laird-10-6-sup-board-01.jpg     Pearson Arrow Laird 10′6″

surftech-pearson-laird-10-6-sup-board-14.jpg              2 + 1 set-up

surftech-pearson-laird-10-6-sup-board-15.jpg               Center fin setup is pretty far forward

surftech-pearson-laird-10-6-sup-board-04.jpg          Thinned-out tail

surftech-pearson-laird-10-6-sup-board-11.jpg            board specs

Pearson Arrow Laird 11′ SUP Board

(click thumbnail to launch video)

surftech-pearson-laird-11-sup-board-12 Surftech Pearson Arrow 11 board specs

surftech-pearson-laird-11-sup-board-10 Thinned-out tail

surftech-pearson-laird-11-sup-board-06 thin-wide nose

surftech-pearson-laird-11-sup-board-16 front view

surftech-pearson-laird-11-sup-board-23 Boxy rails

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13 Responses to “Surftech Pearson Arrow Laird 10′6″ and 11′ SUP Boards”

  1. Jeff 1Jeff

    These boards have a really good shape for surfing, epecially for noseriding with the wide nose, pintail and nice of tail rocker. They are available at Wet Feet. Aloha,

  2. Dan 2Dan

    When will Surftech update their web site to include these?

  3. Evan Leong 3evan

    Not sure.

  4. Jeff S 4Jeff S

    Just tried out the new Surftech Arrow/Laird model and it is the best SUP board I’ve ridden to date. They have a demo model at arrow surf shop.

  5. Ray 5Ray


    Any chance you’ll demo this board? It has a nice shape and I’m curious how this board handles.


    How much are these going for?


  6. Evan Leong 6evan

    Ray – I’ll probably demo it when I get some time. So far I’ve heard only good things about it but haven’t gotten a chance to ride it myself yet.

  7. Ray 7Ray


    Got a few questions I hope you can answer:

    Whats the advantages of having such a pronounced concave in the nose? What are the disadvantages

    I’m seeing more rounded-pin SUPs. What are the handling characterists with this tail design.

    Is the deck flat?

    Choke Thanks!

  8. Evan Leong 8evan

    Ray – I gotta check with the Surftech guys on your question regarding the concave in the nose and the deck. It’s been a while since I did this post and I’m not in town right now to check.

    Joe Blair talks about the rounded pin tail being 2 to 3 times better for turning vs other tails. You can hear it from him direct in the videos on this site. As with all boards, it’s all personal preference.

  9. Evan Leong 9evan

    Ray – I checked with Steve over at Surftech and here’s what he said:

    Good questions Raymond. Nice to see people paying attention to detail. The combination of design elements are what make up the uniqueness of each board

    Concave creates more wetted surface which aids lift, but also more wetted surface equals more drag as well. The reason for it on this particular board as he goes well with the wide “trash can” nose which creates a more parallel rail making this board hold a straighter line when paddling. That combined with a wider profile makes for very stable board as well. The tail on these boards is a “rounded” pin which also has a fair amount of tail lift, thinning out the last 12 inches, creating an easy turning board. The deck is moderately flat flowing into a dome with a slightly tucked mid rail going into a harder rail edge in posterior portion of board. Again this aids stability when paddling and when you step back to turn it breaks water and swings around easier.

    Bob Pearson has made a couple of boards they work well for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced as well depending on your size and skill level.

    We encourage you to try one for yourself.

    Mahalo for your interest.

    Steve C.

  10. Ray 10Ray

    Evan: Thanks a lot for going out of your way. ;D

    Steve C.: As you know, “The Devil is in the details”. Fantastic explanation, I got it all! No futher questions. Have to try one out now. :)

  11. KG 11KG

    Hey Jeff which size Pearson Arrow Laird did you ride the 10′6″ or the 11′? What weight are you? (sorry if a bit personal).



  12. KG 12KG

    Jeff S

    Hey what size surf did you take the Pearson/Laird out in?

  13. wwaallrruuss 13wwaallrruuss

    [..YouTube..] stand up is rad that thing is nce

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