Surftech Pearson Arrow 12′ Laird SUP Stand Up Paddle Board



I was at the Surftech office on Queen Street and got the chance to take some pictures of the new Pearson Arrow 12′ Laird SUP board. This is the latest from Bob Pearson made by Surftech in conjunction with Laird Hamilton.

This board looks big for a 12′er. The tail is wide so it should be a really stable, cruising/flatwater type SUP board. I heard from the guys at Surftech that for a 12′ board it surfs pretty good. I haven’t tested it myself yet but probably will in the future.

surftech-peason-arrow-12-laird-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-3 Wide tail

surftech-peason-arrow-12-laird-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-5 2+1 fin setup

surftech-peason-arrow-12-laird-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-7 Board dimensions

surftech-peason-arrow-12-laird-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-8 Side view

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2 Responses to “Surftech Pearson Arrow 12′ Laird SUP Stand Up Paddle Board”

  1. pete 1pete

    I have the 11ft laird and just got the 12ft, it does appear large but you get over that very quickly when you find out just how much fun it is in mushy slop to 5ft rolling swells ,it is just fantastic, I love it and if I had to give one up it would be the 11ft I weigh in at 80kgs and have no trouble cutting back on this board, its really good out on the flat harbour to, when it blows up a bit rough you feel safe on it even when its whitecapping ,obviously it isnt as snappy as the 11ft but for versatility this 12ft does it..

  2. pete 2pete

    Got this and the 11ft both great the 12ft is really good in bigish fat waves and is not so bad to cut back once you get used to it doesnt flap like shorter boards do when theres a bit of chop on the face, stability plus,love them both.

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