Surftech Takayama 9′8″ SUP Stand Up Paddle Board



Here’s another board by Donald Takayama from the 2010 Surftech SUP surfing lineup, the Hawaii Pro Designs 9′8″.

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Specs and info from Surftech’s site:

LENGTH: 9′8″ / 294.64 cm
NOSE: 21″ / 53.34 cm
MID: 26.85″ / 68.2 cm
TAIL: 16.75″ / 42.545 cm
THICK: 3.88″ / 9.86 cm

9′8″ Noah Ka Oi Model – (Noah’s the Best!)

Noah Shimabukuro’s SUP model by Donald Takayama. Probably one of the most versatile boards in the DT/Surftech collection; handles well in anything from 2nd reef Pipe to 2ft Malibu. Pulled in outline with beach break rocker for racier sections and late take offs.

Slight rocker and rounded pin tail, just like the other Takayama models:

surftech-takayama-9-8-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-05 The nose

surftech-takayama-9-8-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-06 The tail

surftech-takayama-9-8-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-09 Side view

surftech-takayama-9-8-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-14 2+1 fin setup

surftech-takayama-9-8-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-17 Dimensions

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  1. Bob from Brazil 1Bob from Brazil

    Man, I’m loving this board… Fastastic shape, very smooth surfing, a classic!! It’a decently stable for a 27″ wide board. At first, I thought that V bottom was going to be a problem to keep the balance, but I was wrong, the board is amazing and it pays off when on a wave. Turns in a dime & great nose rider… Oh, yeah! Those soft rails let you surf with white water all around!! Nice job Takayama!! Stoked!! BTW, had the chance to surf with the 8′8 Manehune as well and it’s a great board too…

    Regards from Brazil,

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