Tips and pointers on how to choose your first SUP



If you’re interested in getting into the great sport of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) and have done a little research to help you with your decision process, you know how challenging it is to narrow your focus to the right board for you. With board lengths ranging from less than 7 feet to over 17 feet, board widths ranging from 25 inches to 40 inches, and the need to consider other variables like thickness, volume, shape, environmental conditions, fin setup, and so on, choosing the right SUP can be a daunting task.

The Blue Planet Surf team has put together a great playlist of videos to help those knowledge-hungry individuals make the right decision when choosing their first SUP. Please check out any of the following links to provide useful insight on taking that first step:

Short Version:

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Extended Version:–pmxD7I

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Extended Version Part 1 – The Basics:

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Extended Version Part 2 – The Dimensions:

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Extended Version Part 3 – The Shape:

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How to choose your first demo/rental SUP:

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So many boards to choose from…

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  1. Geno 1Geno

    Great artical on boards and all but one issue going unnoticed in the industry is water etiquette and board protection. Too many wingnuts are buying surfboards and paddle boards and hitting the surf break. Attacking the sport with no knowledge of the five points of surf etiquette which was engrained into all of us surfers when we started out surfing in the 60’s. Nothing worse than a kook in the water but a paddler who’s never surfed on an oversized board…with a paddle? I stand up paddle but have been surfing since 1963.
    This would be a great artical to write about.
    Also the need to protect your boards can be discovered at

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