QFR – Quick Fin Release: How to Install and Review Video



Here’s a quick how-to video on installing the QFR – Quick Fin Release system. The QFR allows you to quickly remove and install your fin without tools. Check out the video below:

(click thumbnail to launch video)

qfr-quick-fin-release-05 Assembly instructions

qfr-quick-fin-release-06 This is a regular fin locking system which is good, but you need a screwdriver to remove or adjust you fin

qfr-quick-fin-release-07 Attach the QFR to your fin

qfr-quick-fin-release-08 Insert the metal pin to lock it place

qfr-quick-fin-release-09 The QFR with the metal pi in place

qfr-quick-fin-release-10 Attach the fin to your board

qfr-quick-fin-release-11 Twist the QFR to lock the fin to the board

qfr-quick-fin-release-12 The fin is now locked and ready to use

More photos:

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