SUP Sensation Connor Baxter Stand Up Paddles in Holland’s SUP 11-City Tour



After competing and winning his division in the Duke Kahanamoku Oceanfest race, Starboard team rider Connor Baxter travelled to Friesland, Holland for another SUP event.  In the Duke’s Oceanfest Race, Connor placed 1st in his division (19 and under) and landing 8th overall SUP – finishing in 1:24:00–only 9 minutes behind the winner–Scott Gamble.

Here’s an update from Connor’s mom, Karen Baxter, on his latest feat in Holland.

I wanted to update you on what Connor has been up to these past couple weeks.

At this moment, he is in Holland where he just finished competing in the 11-City tour event – Sept 1 – 5. Five days of paddling – 220 kilometers total, which he finished and completed in 32 hours 4 minutes!! Flat water canals, choppy lakes, headwinds of 18 + knots (for about 80 kilometers), rain, under loads of bridges (not very tall), unbelievable scenery – they had it all.

I included a bunch of photos from the Holland event. Some of the photos are not of Connor – but they give you an idea of what they paddled thru. Also, there are 4 pictures at the end, that I downloaded while Connor was competing. All the competitors had GPS’s on them, so we could track them live as they paddled 45 kilometers a day!!

cov_4a9d921f405bf Race kick-off

cov_4a9d8cfb6480e SUP 11-City-Tour participants

cov_4aa226ceee4b5 Early race stages

cov_4aa11fc24bc57 Connor’s day 1 in the race

cov_4a9e317e57bf5 Top shot of Connor on his Starboard SUP board

cov_4a9f6d44da33a Paddling with the other athletes (Donna Raaphorst, Anne-Marie Reichman, Kelvin Hilgeholt and Connor Baxter)

cov_4aa025e3cde98 Docking under the bridge

cov_4aa0b9edd4404 Connor side by side with Frank Vanleenhove

cov_4aa10d12c9afe Connor Baxter up close

cov_4a7b62e62eea0 Anne Marie Reichman, SUP 11-City Tour organization board member

cov_4a9f6fc6ce0a4 Celebrity participant and pentathlon athlete, Kelvin Hilgeholt

picture-1 Tracking Connor via GPS

picture-4 Live track of Connor as he paddled 45 kilometers a day!!

picture-17 Race course


All photos were sent by Karen Baxter.

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  1. randy 1randy

    What an amazing feat. That’s over 136 miles of paddling, over 27 miles average for 5 consecutive days with no swell to push him. Hat’s off to Connor.

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