New C4 Waterman Subvectors – 9′6″ and 10′


C4 is releasing a couple new Subvectors. One is 9′6″ and the other is 10′.

New Sub Vector boards

Here are some pictures of the C4 Waterman SubVector prototypes in action sent by Robert Stehlik courtesy of Dana Edmunds.

c4-waterman-new-subvector-01 Bruce Raymond, No Stranger to Charging Deep on his new C4 9’6 SubVector , Driving to stay out of the Penalty box.

c4-waterman-new-subvector-02 Bruce just can’t get enough of his new C4 9’6” SubVector.

c4-waterman-new-subvector-03 Brian Driving the new C4 9’6” to the edge.

Link below for the C4 Waterman Subvector Brochure:
New Sub Vector 9′6″ and 10′

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8 Responses to “New C4 Waterman Subvectors – 9′6″ and 10′”

  1. Ray 1Ray

    I picked up the 10′0 last week Saturday and I have been nothing but smiles since! That board is Faaaast!

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    Ray – I just rode the 10′er for a couple sessions over the weekend and was impressed also. I’ll post the review soon.

  3. Ray 3Ray


    Look forward to your review.

    At my experience level (Novice), the board is really stable and paddles awesome in the chop, however on the waves the “Turbo” quad setup was too fast and squirly for me so I removed the back fin set and put a 6.5″ fin midway in the center box. That settled the board down a little and made it easier to manage.
    I’ll run it as a quad again when I get better at the surfing part. I’m sticking with 2 1 for now.



  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    Ray – I had it setup with the stock 3.5″ sides and a 7″ center. I prefer 3 fins to 4. I had one of the (if not the best) best sessions on Sunday evening on the SV 10. It’s super stable, has good paddle power and really works well when the waves get bigger and juicier.

    You’re fortunate you got one. I heard from Todd Bradley that there were only 3 on the island and I was on one of them.

  5. Ray 5Ray

    Evan – I first seen the SV10 at Surfvivor on Friday, September 4th. Pete just unwrapped it. I took it home the next day.

  6. Jorgen 6Jorgen

    I just bought a 10.0 SV from SurfRide in Solona Beach and I am hooked. I am new to SUP and never rode in the surf prior to this week. After two days I was dropping in fun waist/chest high waves…at 6″3″ and 220 lb I was worried about stability…I was amazing and a I attribute the board to the fast learning curve in the surf.

  7. Jimmy M 7Jimmy M


    Thanks much for this review. Based on your review, I picked-up a used C4 9-6 Subvector on Craigslist. Love it.


  8. Evan Leong 8evan

    Right on Jimmy!

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