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I am 6′2″ and weigh 240 lbs. That’s about 119 kg. I recently tried to go skydiving and found that I had to pay extra for every pound over 200 lbs. Thankfully the Sub-vector holds no kind of pre-conditions for who gets to ride. So the first time I tried it, it was at 6 ft. Jocko’s super clean. I ran it with a 7″ middle and two 451 side fins from Future Fins (part of the Quad set up). I found it to paddle unreal and be very forgiving from rail to rail, especially when your trying to bring it back from the ‘tipping point’ or as all SUPers know as the ‘embarrassing point’.

The first session I rode it in, I had the center fin too far back in the box and it was super tight to turn. I’ve cast aside the stigma I have had towards epoxy boards as being to corky- my favorite SUPs are epoxy. But I must admit I found myself thinking, “I knew this board was too floaty to turn hard”. I took it for another session and put a 7″ cut away fin in with the same to side skegs, I slid the fin nearly all the way forward in the box, it still had the same paddling ability but man did it surf better- I even had regular short boarders ask about the board.

Previously I would have thought that I would ride it only up until about 6 ft. BUT. I took it out at a bigish day at Hammerheads and got some great waves on it and it handled great on the big stuff, I love the stability and the performance of the Sub-Vector. I’m a big fan. I’m still yet to go skydiving and I don’t know if I ever will- They can have it!

- Liam Wilmott

Here are some photos from the Hammerheads sesh on the Sub-Vector.
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  1. DW 1DW

    The images don’t load, only the thumbnails

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    We’re waiting for the high resolution pics. The ones we got were only low resolution via email. We’ll post them once we get them.

  3. Evan Leong 3evan

    Got the high res versions. The water sure looks dirty.

  4. Marco 4Marco

    Why can’t we all be on the same planet regarding wave size?? Six feet my ass!

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