Surftech Party 2009



Surftech hosted an awesome party at their Queen Street showroom just before the surf auction a couple months ago.  Lots of famous surf industry people were there and the food was unreal, thanks to George Kam and friends.  The meat and ribs were smoked all day and everyone had a blast.  Here’s a short video showing the action and some pictures.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

surftech-party-29.jpg            Mel Pu’u singing

surftech-party-07.jpg             Surftech board and art exhibit

surftech-party-22.jpg               Darrick Doerner (big wave surfer) and son

surftech-party-10.jpg              Surftech Pearson Arrow Laird 11′ SUP Board

surftech-party-23.jpg               food for all

surftech-party-25.jpg             yummy grilled babyback ribs, brisket

surftech-party-12.jpg               Tom “Pohaku” Stone beside his wooden board

surftech-party-20.jpg               George Kam

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