Surftech’s 8′11 Gerry Lopez Tuflite Model in Action at Pleasure Point



George Phiripes of Surftech, sent us these pictures of the new 8′11 Gerry Lopez Tuflite model while in action at Pleasure Point. This is just a preview at the new Gerry boards which are still in production but will soon be available during the summer… check out the other pictures to see more of this board.


surftech-gerry-lopez-tuflite-model-4.jpg Surftech General Manager, John Griffith, testing out the new 8’11” Lil’ Darling Model by Gerry Lopez

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3 Responses to “Surftech’s 8′11 Gerry Lopez Tuflite Model in Action at Pleasure Point”

  1. Kalani Lum 1Kalani Lum

    Amazing what Gerry has accomplished. If you haven’t heard of SRF (Surf Realization Fellowship) in Hawaii, you should check out the mission statement he wrote. Really cool.

  2. joao ayala 2joao ayala

    Hello Guys;
    I want to buy a Gerry Lopez SUP. Just wandering if importing it from USA to Australia will be cheaper than buying it here. What is the price on your shop? Do you know how much will it be to ship? Thank you,

  3. Robin 3Robin you get everything Surftech SUP here at several locations ;)

    get your Gerry Lopez SUP here

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