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I’ve actually had this board for a few weeks now but this post took a while to finish. I got lucky with this F-14 SUP race board. I tried Ray Shiraishi’s custom F-14 (no rudder) during a downwind run a while back in pure epic conditions. The wind was over 20 mph and was very consistent. The swell was going in the right direction. It was at least waist high on the swell and there was a good amount of bumps and wind and it was a super fun downwinder.


s.i.c-f14-preview-02.jpg              Christmas comes late…or is it early?


s.i.c-f14-preview-04.jpg             Unboxed, not assembled and shrink wrapped F-14

I was on a Joe Blair 12’6” during the downwinder and was testing out a different fin configuration that I moved around a bit. Harris Chang, who was also with us, was on an F-15 and Ray was on his F-14. Ray had met us out in the water at the Hawaii Kai Maunalua Bay buoy.


s.i.c-f14-preview-05.jpg  Behind the sticker there’s a little screw and the drain plug is now up front


s.i.c-f14-preview-06.jpg                Deck has a slight concave

We went on a downwind run and it seemed to me that Ray was not almost even paddling.

I thought “Is Ray even paddling? What’s he doing?”

He was paddling lightly and just cruising. During the whole time that he was in front of me, I was like “what was going on around here?” Maybe he’s just a good paddler? After he finally fell, we decided to switch boards, I got a chance to try Ray’s F-14, and the board blew me away. It caught swells super easy. The only thing that was missing (to me) on the Ray’s F-14 board was a rudder. I was thinking, “if this board had a rudder, it’d be perfect.”


s.i.c-f14-preview-07.jpg  Deck pad is flush with deck


s.i.c-f14-preview-12.jpg             F-14 nose is much thinner and concave bottom instead of the displacement type nose on the F-16

I ended up calling Mark Raaphorst and told him about my experience on the F-14. I remember him mentioning that the F-14 is more fun than the F-16 and F-18. I always wondered what he meant by “more fun”?

After the run, I finally understood what he meant by “more fun” because on an F-14, it’s different. It’s more maneuverable than the F16 and F18. Even if the F14 is smaller than the two other boards, it’s still long enough to catch the open ocean swells with no problem. And with a rudder, you have a lot more flexibility. The board surfs and fits in the trough nicely.

I wanted to get a hollow carbon molded F-14 with rudder, but with all of these boards as they’re custom made, it takes awhile. It takes anywhere from two months on up. I got lucky because a lady who had ordered one didn’t like the color scheme and wanted to get a different board, so I got it!


s.i.c-f14-preview-13.jpg            Flat panels on the side to a double concave to V in the tail

I’ve put at least 20 hours on the F-14 in the past weeks and absolutely love this board. I’ve had my fastest times so far on this board. Ray kept beating me on downwinders so I thought that maybe his F-14 was faster.  I was wrong. Ray’s a faster paddler. We switched boards for a run a couple weeks back and he beat me by 5 or 10 minutes. I got stuck outside of Diamond Head and ended up on my knees a bit to get back in. I totally prefer the rudder. It makes a huge difference.

This board is super fun and I’ve had the longest runners (connecting multiple swells) that I’ve ever had. I’m even thinking about the new F-16 but right now I’m really liking the 14′ length. The 14′ length and light weight makes this board speed up exponentially as the wind increases over 15 mph. It’s really nimble, turns on a dime and I’ve found the new nose allows me to ride, even when the nose is a bit under water.

Ray and I gave the report to Jim over at Tropical Blends and he ended up ordering one for himself and another 3 for customers. I don’t think you can go wrong with this board.


s.i.c-f14-preview-10.jpg          Carbon fiber Hawaiian Island inlay

To see more of the carbon fiber hollow F-14 board, watch this video.

(click thumbnail to launch video)


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19 Responses to “New F-14 S.I.C. Stand Up Paddle SUP Race Board”

  1. colin 1colin

    Evan, How does this f14 compare to the Blair 12′6″?
    I know you were pretty impressed with the Blair against other 15′boards

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    Colin – They are different. The Blair 12′6″ is much wider, heavier and more durable. It is really suited for a wide range from downwind racing to flat water cruising. It’s a board that anyone can ride. When I take new people, all of them have been able to get up and ride the Blair 12′6″. The Blair catches bumps really well although feels a bit heavy in the water.

    The F-14 is a rocket. It’s light, has a rudder and is much more narrow and missile shaped. I really like the rudder and the light weight and length allows for super easy access into bumps. A few months ago I was liking the heavier boards due to the momentum they carry when connecting bumps. Now I prefer as light as possible to make acceleration easier.

    Both boards are good.

  3. David 3David

    Great looking board Evan.

    Just how narrow is it?


  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    I think it’s 26″ wide. That may seem narrow but to me it still feels pretty stable. I think it’s the bottom contours that make it more stable than the F-16, even though the F-16 is wider. I have no problem balancing on the F-14.

  5. CM 5CM

    Nice board! Can you still adjust the steering system forward/back on the deck, or are Mark’s newer boards coming with the ASS in a fixed position? Just asking because I noticed the carbon fiber piece under the ASS, and I also don’t see any holes for other adjustments.

  6. Evan Leong 6evan

    CM – Yes, you can move the steering forward and back. I think there are 4 or 5 inset holes drilled allowing for something around 6 to 10″ of adjustment.

    It’s also rigged to allow the steering to be on the right or left side of the deck to accommodate for both regular and goofy footed riders. I leave the steering pedal on the left, even though I’m goofy footed (right foot forward). I initially got used to the steering on a board rigged w/ the steering pedal on the left and now I’m used to it.

  7. L083S 7L083S

    [..YouTube..] Good video and commentary. I would be interested in another episode on the water!

  8. Jonathan 8Jonathan

    Hi Evan, thanks for the great site. Trying to make up my mind between an F14 and F16, I weigh 150 and will be on Maui for three weeks in November, hoping to do some Maliko runs then plan to do the Maui Molokai next year – for the personal challenge, so not trying to beat anyone! Because I’m light the F14 is really appealing, but I know the F16 would probably be better for the race. Mark described them to me as F14 = mini cooper, F16 = BMW 5 series. The mini sounds more fun! Any comment/advice most welcome. Thanks

  9. Evan Leong 9evan

    Jonathan – I just got back from Maui and visiting Mark’s shop yesterday. I weigh around 200 lbs ( /- depending on plate lunches) and am riding the F-14. I chose the F-14 over the F-16 because the rocker line and size allows me to fit in the trough better for Hawaii Kai runs. I can make the F-14 enter a bump about 20% easier than the F-16 because for me it’s easier to accelerate. I rode the F-16 version 2 a couple days ago but it was in no wind, flat water Maliko. I wish the conditions were normal Maliko conditions so I could really get the feel of the board.

    What I’m finding is that race boards also have give and takes and if it’s possible, a quiver may be preferable. That can be a board for when it’s windy and bumpy and one for when it’s 15 mph and under and relatively flat. That’s why I just ordered an F-18 with a full displacement type hull. I tried a couple 18′ers months ago from other shapers and didn’t like them due to the stability, steering systems, etc. I just didn’t like them. After trying Mark’s new F-18, I think I’m really going to like it in my normal run for lighter wind conditions.

    There are so many variables that the best advice I can give you is to talk more with Mark and whatever he says, go with it. I was listening to him talk to several customers and he definitely is the most knowledgeable guy for your questions regarding F-14 vs F-16.

  10. Jonathan 10Jonathan

    Thanks so much for the reply Evan, I’m hearing you about the quiver. I live in Australia so having even one board on Maui is already a huge luxury! I’ll talk to Mark, but as he said in his e-mail to me, if in doubt go the F16 – probably good advice!

  11. Evan Leong 11evan

    Jonathan – If that’s what Mark suggested then it’s probably the best advice. You can always go with a custom board from Mark instead of the stock F-14 or F-16. That way you can get exactly what you need.

  12. Warped 12Warped

    Hey Evan, this is Chris. I spoke to you on Stand Up Zone about my F18 a few weeks ago. I’m glad to hear you decided to get one. You’re going to love it. There’s such a huge amount of potential in Mark’s full displacement design. My board is still surprising me on a weekly basis with the different conditions it can handle. Everytime I think there’s no way my board will work in a certain condition, it ends up being great after a few practice runs. I honestly believe it’ll end up being great even in pretty heavy water after a ton of practice time. I’m still hoping to get down to Hawaii Kai to do some runs with you this summer if your offer still stands. I’d also love to hear how you like your F18 too. Take it easy!

  13. Evan Leong 13evan

    Chris – Of course I remember talking w/ you about the F-18. After the painful Olukai race, I was so excited to try the F-18 that I paddled it around for about 15 minutes even though I was dead tired. It was much more stable than I thought it was going to be. It also has an incredible glide. I guess it will be hard to full tell how it will do in the Hawaii Kai run until I try it in the Hawaii Kai run but I’m thinking it will be perfect for days where the wind is under 15 mph.

    It seems we’ve gotten skunked on the wind here for a while. When it picks back up, let’s connect for a run together. I’ll bring the F-14. Mark has a long backlog of orders so I don’t think mine will arrive for another 3 to 4 months.

  14. Warped 14Warped

    Sounds like a plan! So what board did you use in the Olukai? Also, what are the dimensions of your F18 going to be?

  15. Evan Leong 15evan

    Warped – I used Mark’s personal F-16 version 2. The F-18 is going to be 18′ or so long and 28″ wide. It’s going to be the same as the Jimmy Keaulana one that was based on Alan Cadiz’s board.

  16. CaseyG 16CaseyG


    Are you still feeling the same way about the F-14, now that a little time has passed? I weigh about 205 and was glad to hear you are pretty close to the same weight. Some have told me I am probably better to go to the F-16, based on my weight, but I would prefer the smaller board, for transportation reasons. Are you still feeling like guys our size are in pretty good shape with the F-14?

  17. Evan Leong 17evan

    Casey – I’ve been mostly riding the F-16 v2 and loving it. I like the extra volume and design. If I had a space limitation, the F-14 would be fine. A lot of this is preference, what you’re using if for (downwind bumps, coastal runs, channel crossing, etc) and your conditions (wind speed, wind direction, ocean swell, etc). The F-14 has a lower rocker and it’s shorter length allow it to fit in the trough easier than the longer board. It’s also a little lighter weight. I think your chance of getting an F-14 currently are better than the F-16 v2 because its been out longer and there are used ones on the market.

  18. Poul 18Poul

    Any one know the real weight of the f-14? thanks

  19. Evan Leong 19evan

    Poul – Here’s what the SIC site says:

    The Weight: 26 lbs. – includes 3/4 size EVA pad, fin box, handle and steering system.

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