S.I.C. 2012 Year-End Special



2012 was another good year for SIC. Flow Sports, a successful and innovative snowboard company, picked up and is now the parent company taking the SIC brand global. This move has allowed Mark, Andres and Amir more time to explore new possibilities in SUP surf and flat water designs as well as continue to refine their winning downwind designs. In the past keeping a stock line of boards available was not possible. With our new partnerships and the support of Flow Sports we now can.

So, in gratitude to our loyal customers and continuing success we are offering free board bags as well as no charge on Inter-Island shipping for the entire 2013 production line. These boards will arrive at the Maui factory in March 2013 .

In addition, Maui-built hollow molded boards are also being offered at a 10% discount.

All SUP boards are listed below with their price

SIC cut its teeth in custom designed hand shaped boards. Needless to say our Custom Shop is still in full swing. Just give us a call or stop by.

Deposits for all boards must be received no later than January 15, 2013.

Happy Holidays and a hui ho!

Recon 9 ($1699)
Recon 10 ($1799)
Recon 11 ($1649)

X-12 ($1899)
X-14 ($2499)

Bullet 11 ($2299)
Bullet 12 ($1899)
Bullet 14 ($2499)
F-16 v2 ($3599)
Bullet 17 v1 ($3599) (available now)

More information about these boards can be seen in the attached brochure:

F-14 ($3500) = $3185 (available now)
**Bullet 14 ($3500) = $3185
F-16 v1 ($4000) = $3600
F-16 v3 ($4000) = $3600 (available now)
Bullet 17 v1 ($4100)= $3690
Bullet 17 v2 ($4100) = $3690
**Standamaran $5300

**Available late Spring 2013

Board bags for all models are available for an additional cost. Paddles and other accessories also available.

Questions? Call Juls at 808-572-7728.
Monday – Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm
Saturday 8:00am to 12:00pm


Mark Raaphorst

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