S.I.C. Fw-14 Displacement Hull Stand Up Paddle SUP Race Board



The wait is over. I finally got my full displacement hull version of the SIC F-14, renamed the FW-14. I suggested to Mark that he name it the F-14e but I guess he didn’t like that name. I’ve only had 2 sessions on this board due to the recent lack of trade winds. The first session was in 20 mph+ conditions and waist high swell. That session was fun and fairly effortless. I was surprised that with such a flat rocker, the FW-14 had no problem pearling or nose poking too much. I think this may have to do with the ideal length to fit in the trough but it could also be the design.

The FW-14 is 14′ long and 29″ wide. It’s about 5.5″ thick in the center and gets thicker at the nose and thinner at the tail. Mark thinned out the tail a bit to compensate for the flat rocker. He wanted to allow the tail to sink a bit by stepping back to keep the nose from poking into the wave in front. Overall, I think this board may be a little bit too low in volume for my 200 lbs. I’ll need to ride it more before I make my final decision on the volume. The volume is perfect for someone 180 lbs or lighter.

I took a straight edge to the bottom and found that there is a round bottom. I believe the ‘V’ goes from the front to the back. I was worried that it was going to be tippy but this is one of the most stable boards I’ve ridden so far. It also seems to sit lower in the water so that helps the balance.

sic-fw-14-displacement-hull-stand-up-paddle-sup-race-board-01 Round bottom

I wanted the nose to be a full displacement canoe type style. I like the feeling of the glide on the F-18 and wanted to use every inch of waterline possible. In the water this seemed to help although my second session was in 20 mph+ north winds which blew straight offshore and was hard to paddle in. I need a normal 15 mph trade wind day to really get a good feel for this board.

sic-fw-14-displacement-hull-stand-up-paddle-sup-race-board-19 The Nose

sic-fw-14-displacement-hull-stand-up-paddle-sup-race-board-02 Piercing displacement nose

The rails are smooth with no sharp edges anywhere.

sic-fw-14-displacement-hull-stand-up-paddle-sup-race-board-03 Smooth rails

We went with a pin tail although I’m wondering how it will perform with a wide and thick tail that picks up the swell with more ease. I wonder if the glide on a wide tail board compares to the pin tail?

sic-fw-14-displacement-hull-stand-up-paddle-sup-race-board-06 Pin tail

The board has a fin box installed just in case someone wants to ride it as a fixed fin. I most likely never will do that but someone else may want to in the future.

sic-fw-14-displacement-hull-stand-up-paddle-sup-race-board-07 Optional fin box for removable rudder

sic-fw-14-displacement-hull-stand-up-paddle-sup-race-board-09 The tail

sic-fw-14-displacement-hull-stand-up-paddle-sup-race-board-10 Flat rocker

sic-fw-14-displacement-hull-stand-up-paddle-sup-race-board-11 Made for me

Mark installed goretex air vents which lets air in and out but not water. This should make it easier to remember. It sucks to take out the air vent plug and then forget it only to realize that you forgot it when you’re ready to launch.

sic-fw-14-displacement-hull-stand-up-paddle-sup-race-board-12 Goretex air vents

There are 2 leash plugs installed along the center of the board. This is to attach a leash and also to attach your paddle while carrying. It comes with Spectra line already attached and I’ll probably change those to the new Tropical Blends paddle straps.

sic-fw-14-displacement-hull-stand-up-paddle-sup-race-board-13 Spectra loop

The board has a carbon handle in the middle. You need to see this in person because it’s just really nice to look at. Very slick and nice finishing touch.

The steering pedal had been completely redesigned and improved. Just when the copycats try to make their own, Mark is two steps ahead. The steering pedal is a big improvement and looks just absolutely beautiful. The angle of the rudder is now controlled by adjusting the bolts attached to the pedal. This can be done during a session in less than a minute.

sic-fw-14-displacement-hull-stand-up-paddle-sup-race-board-16 Re-designed adjustable steering pedal

A big improvement for the steering pedal is the new adjustable feature. The first version was a fixed length option with push button and stops. This one has a thumb screw to tighten the length in place. If you leave the screw loose, you can change the length on the fly and in real time. I stepped back a bit when on a swell and just slid the pedal back with my foot and then back forward when straightening out the trim of the board. This feature is very sweet.

sic-fw-14-displacement-hull-stand-up-paddle-sup-race-board-18 Adjustable foot pedal

I’ve been waiting for the wind to come back but so far no luck. I’ll post again after a few more sessions.

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14 Responses to “S.I.C. Fw-14 Displacement Hull Stand Up Paddle SUP Race Board”

  1. Dan 1Dan

    looks great – if you get tired of it by the spring, I’m under 180lbs. and may want to take it off your hands- see how you dig it over the next few months- again looks great enjoy

  2. DW 2DW

    Show us the Tropical Blends paddle strap!

  3. scott nagaz 3scott nagaz

    beautiful evan! is it a custom or is it a molded production board?

  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    Dan – At your weight, this board may work really well for you. We’ll see after the wind comes back and I get more time on it.

    DW – I got the straps and new leashes but need to take the pictures and post. Will do soon.

    Scott – This is a custom and I think Mark may put it into production but not totally sure.

  5. Dan 5Dan


    In the commments under “Birth of the FW-14″

    You are aske “Are you having plumbed for regular or goofy?”

    you responded


    What exactly does that mean, plumbing the board that is?

    What would be the effect of someone riding your board if they were goofy footed?

  6. Evan Leong 6evan

    Dan – Regular foot is on the left and goofy is on the right. A regular footed person surfs with their left foot in front and goofy footed person has their right foot in front. The FW-14 is setup “plumbed” for both options however I chose to have it initially rigged with the steering pedal on the left. Normally if you are regular foot (front foot is your left foot) then you’d want the board with the pedal on the left or “plumbed regular”. I’m actually goofy foot (front foot is right foot) but I learned on a board with the steering pedal on the left so I’m now used to that. Also, I attached a piece to the pedal on my F-14 and F-18 so I can steer with either foot. Hope that answers your question.

  7. Dan 7Dan

    I get stances-been skater/snowboarder/surfer

    just didn’t know if plumbing had something to do with balance points depending on stance. Makes sense now-just which side pedal is on. Mahalo.

  8. tony 8tony

    Any thoughts on this board for Florida chop (no swell, no down-winders) versus an Infinity or Hobie 14′ displacement race board?
    I’m about 195 lbs and currently use a Jimmy Lewis Distance 12′6″, but want more speed, hopefully with less effort.

  9. Evan Leong 9evan

    This board seems to be more comfortable in flatter water so it may be good for your conditions although if you really want glide then a F-18 may be the better choice.

  10. Sam 10Sam

    Hey Evan,

    Just checking if you got to take it out on another run? Really interested in your thoughts about the board. I love in San Francisco now (and missing home) and I think that board would do well with downwinders in the Bay.

    If you don’t like it. I’d like to give it a go up here :)


  11. Evan Leong 11evan

    Sam – I travelled a lot during the last few months although I did get a chance to try it again, just not on a downwinder. The board’s rocker makes it really fast in lighter wind and flatter conditions. This particular board is best suited for someone under 190 lbs. I was switching off with my brother who is 170 lbs and it was perfect for him. This board has really good glide. I need to test it in good conditions for a downwinder. Hopefully the trade winds come back soon.

    You should custom order one from Mark at http://www.paddlemaui.com. I’d put your deposit it now because his wait list is something like 5 months or more and you can get your deposit back if you cancel your order a month before he starts shaping it.

  12. Jeff 12Jeff

    Any more thoughts on this board? i am looking to get a board like this, something fast in flatwater and has downwind capability. I live close to a windy lake, so i paddle an hour up wind and when i turn around with the wind at my back it only takes 15 min to get back to my starting point. what are your thoughts on this Fw14′ vs a 12/6 board

  13. Evan Leong 13evan

    Jeff – This board may be good for what you’re doing. The piercing nose will definitely be better than anything with a surf nose and rocker going upwind. Not sure on your weight but for guys over 200 lbs, I find the 14′ more comfortable than 12′6″.

  14. Jeff 14Jeff

    Evan- thanks for the response.
    I always enjoy your reviews b/c i am 205 LBS, basically the same height and wt as you. It seem’s like you bumped up from a 12/6 board really quick to a 14′
    the extra foot and a half seems very benificial
    and at 200LBS i might as well go to 14′

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