2011 Starboard Stand Up Paddles



I recently got the chance to check out Starboard’s 2011 stand up paddle lineup when I visited the Blue Planet surf shop over at Ward Avenue. Here’s a video and some pictures.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

2011-starboard-stand-up-paddles-07 Enduro Vision Tech

2011-starboard-stand-up-paddles-08 Vision Tech blades feature a fiberglass outer lay-up with a Carbon-Pine spine

2011-starboard-stand-up-paddles-09 Close-up of the Carbon-Pine spine

2011-starboard-stand-up-paddles-10 Rebound Glass shaft (available on all models)

2011-starboard-stand-up-paddles-11 A sticker to let you know which side the paddle should be facing

2011-starboard-stand-up-paddles-12 Blown ABS plastic handle

2011-starboard-stand-up-paddles-14 Wave Carbon Tech

2011-starboard-stand-up-paddles-17 Premium Carbon shaft (available on all models)

2011-starboard-stand-up-paddles-20 Enduro Fiber-Tufskin

For a good deal on these paddles, visit the Blue Planet surf shop over at 540 Ward Ave, Honolulu if you’re in Oahu. They are currently giving away a free Enduro Fiber-Tufskin paddle for every purchase of a Starboard stand up paddle board.

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