2011 PA’A Halloween Race



Here are some pictures that I took from this year’s PA’A Halloween Race. (The picture above is Ali’i Manny Kulukulualani coming in the lead) Pa’a runs a race series for paddling each year and has a theme for most of them. The Halloween race is fun to watch because racers dress in full costume and paddle the entire distance. Some even costume their canoes. Here are some of the fun costumes from this year’s race.

paa-halloween-race-2011-01 Ultralight Kamanu Composites 6 man canoe. I think this was the first canoe across the finish line. I believe this canoe is roughly 200 lbs or so. Most 6 man canoes are 400 lbs.

paa-halloween-race-2011-19 Hula SUP wahine takes the lead for best costume on a SUP

paa-halloween-race-2011-18 Not sure what this guy was dressed as…a duck, bird???

paa-halloween-race-2011-14 Haley Harrison twinkle bells her way past a guy dressed as a moke. Just kidding brah, no beat me up.

paa-halloween-race-2011-03 Simeon, Kimo and Kea paddling an interesting 3 man canoe

paa-halloween-race-2011-04 Is this the dude from the UFC or Mr. T?

paa-halloween-race-2011-05 Double devil

paa-halloween-race-2011-06 Jack Sparrow paddles the 2012 Kamanu Composites “Black Pearl” (prototype is in white)

paa-halloween-race-2011-07 Old faithful, Jeff Chang at the finish. Jeff is older than most racers but I still have yet to beat him and at this rate most likely never will.

paa-halloween-race-2011-08 Determination

paa-halloween-race-2011-09 Anela cruising

paa-halloween-race-2011-10 Pumpkin

paa-halloween-race-2011-11 Is he hiding an orange ball in his blouse?

paa-halloween-race-2011-12 “Nice bikini costume!” say the guys in the background

paa-halloween-race-2011-13 Mo Freitas

paa-halloween-race-2011-15 The butterflies brought the Big Island rain forest with them

paa-halloween-race-2011-16 Richard

paa-halloween-race-2011-17 Another SUP

paa-halloween-race-2011-20 Looks like the genie blinked and voila, cold beverages in red cups.

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