New Years Eve 2011 in Waikiki



The last day of 2011 brought us perfect weather for a beach day with the family. Here are some pictures I took from December 31, 2011 in Waikiki. What a great way to bring in the New Year.

occ-new-years-eve-2011-15 Tandem SUP


occ-new-years-eve-2011-02 All aboard the sailing canoe

occ-new-years-eve-2011-03 Synchronized paddling

occ-new-years-eve-2011-04 My nephew Beckett Wren

occ-new-years-eve-2011-05 Free ride

occ-new-years-eve-2011-06 Beckett and John Wren

occ-new-years-eve-2011-08 Beckett, Noella and John Wren

occ-new-years-eve-2011-09 SUP girls

occ-new-years-eve-2011-10 Kari and Kyndra

occ-new-years-eve-2011-11 Baby surfer

occ-new-years-eve-2011-12 Flying dive

occ-new-years-eve-2011-13 Ed Wheeler

occ-new-years-eve-2011-14 Out to sea

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