2012 Quiksilver Waikiki Paddle Festival



Here are some pictures that I took during the launch party of the 2012 Quiksilver Waikiki Paddle Festival. George Kam hosted the Friday night launch party which is the best party of the year. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I was blown away at how awesome the food, people and party were. I took my 2 boys after paddling practice and they had a blast too. If you were there, you know what I’m talking about. If you missed it, these pictures below will give you an idea.

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-01 Kaipo Guerrero welcomes us to da party

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-02 First thing in the front door is a buff local bruddah with a huge poi calabash serving poi (Hawaiian taro made into a paste like entree) the traditional way (with his bare hands). I don’t normally eat poi but I figured why not since it was a big show in the front. I was blown away. The poi was from Homestead Poi and it tasted like ice cream. It was soooooo good I ate 8 bowls. I even bypassed the carving station because it was so good. Now I’m buying and eating poi kinda often…all due to George Kam serving it at the Quicksilver party.

Here are a lot of pictures from the party below. Hope to see you there next year!

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-03 Scott from Surftech

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-04 My boys Koko and Buddy with da poi pounda

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-05 Melissa Chang and her friend eating the snow ice dessert

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-06 Gotta share with mom

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-07 Enjoying the snow ice

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-09 You think she likes it?

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-10 Scott from Surftech

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-11 As you can see the place was packed. The crowd was loud and the place was pumping.

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-12 The woman was serving little jelly stars on top of the snow ice.

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-13 In Hawaii we call this “grinding”

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-14 Kona Red

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-15 Jamie Mitchell, Jack Dyson and Livio Menelau

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-16 Deep concentration

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-17 Eric Abbott and friends

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-18 Roast pork

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-19 Char siu

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-20 Buddy’s fifth serving of Snow ice. I think he liked it.

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-21 Hawaiian music playing on the side… notice the guy on the right playing the old time steel guitar.

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-22 Kicking back and enjoying the Hawaiian music

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-23 Bill Pratt

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-24 Mango snow ice

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-25 Ashley Baxter, Keith Baxter and Connor Baxter

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-26 Lychee snow ice

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-27 Smile

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-28 Good thing it was a buffet because Buddy ate a lot of snow ice

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-29 Keoni Downing

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-31 Spicy ahi poke…I ate about a pound of this

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-32 Kurt and his Kona Red friend

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-33 Korean taegu was a bit different than what I have normally but it was still really good

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-34 Lomi salmon

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-36 Fresh poi from Homestead Poi Company. I liked this so much that I’ve been buying raw taro from the ‘Aina Ku ‘Ono (formerly Sticky) Farms, Waiahole lo’i (taro farm) and making it at home.

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-37 Jamie Mitchell and Kaipo Guerrero

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-38 Da beef stew crew

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-39 Koko and Buddy with Mark Raaphorst

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-40 Beef stew

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-41 Hawaiian tako (octopus, not Mexican food)

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-42 Brian Ikeda

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-43 Raw crab

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-44 Talking story

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-45 Karen and Connor Baxter

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-46 Candice Appleby and friend

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-47 An alternative to the fork

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-48 George Kam and friend

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-49 Lyman serving the peking duck buns

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-50 The party was even happening outside

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-51 Chinese style crispy roast pork and skin…I actually eat all the crispy skin and disregard the meat. This is very similar to a Filipino lechon.

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-52 Good thing I shot this early because it was no time before the ears and cheeks were eaten.

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-53 Local jewelry artist Leighton Lam

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-54 Must be seconds

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-55 Duck legs

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-56 Chinese peking duck

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-57 Chinese style roast duck, pork and char siu

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-58 Can you hear the crackle of this roast pork?

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-59 Bobby + 1

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-60 Taro rolls

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-61 Carving station girls

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-63 Prime rib

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-64 Jason Kauhane, Ken Akazawa and Donn Arizumi (flexing as usual)

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-66 Cone sushi

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-67 Musubi from Mana Bu’s

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-69 Salad bar

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-70 Tofu salad

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-71 Smoked ribs

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-72 Staying sharp

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-73 Mark Cunningham

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-74 Kalua pig and cabbage

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-75 Serving da poke

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-76 Ed Wheeler, Sandy, Sandy’s friend and Keith Baxter

quicksilver-waikiki-race-may-2012-77 Livio Menelau, Travis Grant and friend

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