Interview with George Kam at the 2012 Quiksilver Waikiki Paddle Festival



Here’s an interview I did with George Kam, organizer of the 2012 Quiksilver Waikiki Paddle Festival. George is truly an Ambassador of Aloha and he throws an awesome party. If you ever get a chance to go to a party that George hosts, you should go. The food will be awesome and everyone will have a great time. I asked George to share some background info on this year’s Quicksilver Waikiki Race event. Click below for the video.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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  1. C. Ikehara 1C. Ikehara

    Dear Mr. Kam:

    When I heard your comment, “Just touch the water,” the following came to mind:

    - If there can be such a thing as instinctual memory, the consciousness of land and water must lie deeper in the core of us than any knowledge of our fellow beings. We were bred of the earth before we were born of our mothers. Once born, we can live without our mothers or our fathers or any other kin or friend, or even human love. We cannot live without the earth or apart from it, and something is shriveled in man’s heart when he turns away from it and concerns himself only with the affairs of men. (Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings)

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