Ed Wheeler’s Custom S.I.C. Bullet 12′6″ SUP Race Board



Both Ed Wheeler and I love our SIC Bullet 12′6″ boards because it’s one of the few 12′6″ boards that can handle our weight. Ed got his a little after I got mine and I’ve seen him paddling it for south shore downwinders, north shore races and surfing. Ed’s a big guy so it’s something to see him surfing a 12′6″ race board. Our boards are virtually the same except Ed’s is an inch or so wider and mine has a steering rudder.

Hear his impressions on his custom S.I.C. Bullet 12′6″ SUP race board.

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Here’s another video with Ed on his custom Bullet 12′6″ and fellow SUP racer Kaeo Abbey on another Bullet 12′6″ in flatwater conditions.

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