S.I.C. Custom Bullet 12′ SUP Race Board



I recently took delivery on the new SIC Bullet 12 and I believe this is the first Bullet 12 with steering and the new handle. First thing I noticed was how light the board is. When I unloaded it out of the shipping container, even with the cardboard box it seemed way lighter than I expected. I was blown away when Mark told me he thought the board weighs 21 lbs.

I took the board straight from Young Brothers (shipping company) to Old Mans in Waikiki. There was light wind and chest to head high waves. The texture of the ocean was a little bumpy, similar to Kona wind weather but the waves were coming in every 5 to 10 minutes. I caught the first wave, then the second and so on. Here’s what I noticed:

  • The B12 is the closest board I’ve ridden (surf SUP’s included) that allows me to catch non breaking bumps that were only possible in an OC-1
  • It has really good off the line speed
  • The initial stability is a tad bit tippy (compared to Bullet 14) but it won’t flip easily
  • The B12 catches waves with ease
  • It can surf chest high waves with no problem (see below)
  • The steering makes a big difference even though it’s only 12′6″x27.5″
  • The B12 is super fun
  • It should be able to comfortably float average guys up to 220 lbs
  • Lighter riders under 170 lbs will fly on this
  • I have yet to try it on a downwind run

sic-custom-bullet-12-sup-race-board-08 “Say hello to my little friend!”

sic-custom-bullet-12-sup-race-board-05 I think the new handle is a breakthrough. No more tiny slots where you need rock climber finger strength. With this handle and the light weight of the board, I can pick it up with one hand and lift it over my head. Big improvement.

sic-custom-bullet-12-sup-race-board-06 Built for me

sic-custom-bullet-12-sup-race-board-15 The steering pedal is telescopic. I had it installed forward of the normal positioning so I can use it when trying to keep the nose down. I can extend it if I get into larger bumps or surf. So far it’s stayed forward for most of the time.

sic-custom-bullet-12-sup-race-board-07 The steering system has a “lock off plate”. Screw in the 4 screws (included) and the rudder is locked in the center position. Voila, the board is now race legal when steering isn’t allowed.

sic-custom-bullet-12-sup-race-board-12 Top view

sic-custom-bullet-12-sup-race-board-09 The deck has a slight concave deck.

sic-custom-bullet-12-sup-race-board-18 The board begs to be ridden and Dale obliges. He was impressed.

Here are some pictures of the B12 prototype surfing North Shore Oahu waves:




You can get more info at www.SICMaui.com.

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