S.I.C. F-16 V2 Production Model SUP Race Board



Here are some pictures of the new S.I.C. F-16 V2 production model SUP race board. This is a solid core sandwich construction board. It’s basically the same as the hollow molded one but feels a bit more rigid and solid. I couldn’t tell much difference in weight but I never put them on a scale.

sic-f16-v2-production-03 The nose rocker seems to be a little bit less than the molded board. The flipped up elf shoe tip is not as pronounced as in the molded ones. The tip is also not as sharp which should be a bit safer if it ever pokes anyone.

sic-f16-v2-production-04 Top view looks pretty much the same as the molded board. The paint job and finish on these boards are beautiful. I like the way the designs on the rails are in the paint and not applied by adhesive.

sic-f16-v2-production-06 Steering pedal is extendable and plate insert is nice.

sic-f16-v2-production-07 Close-up of the A.S.S. (Active Steering System) which is the best steering system on SUP race boards to date.

sic-f16-v2-production-08 View from the tail

sic-f16-v2-production-12 Bottom view

The F-16 production model is a great race board for 15 mph and higher wind downwinders. This is not a flat water board. It exponentially gets better as the wind increases. This board is almost effortless to paddle when wind is over 25 mph. At that point, it’s hold onto your backside and surf. More info at SICMaui.com.

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  1. adam 1adam

    This board is beautiful! I love doing down-winders so it’s great to have a board that caters to that style of SUP. Keep up the good work

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