Weekly Wednesdays time trials starting on Oct. 10th


Blue Planet Surf Wet Feet Hawaii

This coming Wednesday will be the first weekly time trial, brought to you by Blue Planet and Wet Feet.

Where: Meet at the Hawaii Kai Boat Club dock in front of The Shack in Hawaii Kai.

When: 5:00 pm this Wednesday, Oct. 10th and every Wednesday until further notice

What: We will start with signup, technique coaching, drills, warmup from 5:00 to 5:45. The time trial will start around 5:45 pm and follow a course of about 2.4 miles, see attached map. We will have a little social get together afterwards at the Shack. We will keep track of name, race number, board class (12′6, 14′, unlimited) and male/ female, no age groups. $1 for the most improved- winner take all kitty (starts with second time trial).

Why: To help you stay in shape during the off season and improve your performance. Comparing your times will allow you to see improvements and the effect of using different technique and gear. Times will be recorded and posted online after each time trial and we will have a spreadsheet that will make it easy to compare performance. We also hope to involve some of the younger paddlers and help them become competitive racers. Please join us!

Cost: $15 per time trial, multi race passes available. First one free.

Course map:


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  1. RobS 1RobS

    We had a good group of 9 paddlers participating in the first time trial. It was a challenging but fun workout and afterwards we hung out at the Shack for a while, talking about paddling, good fun. Anyone is welcome to join us every Wednesday at 5 pm, we can provide a race board on request, too. Here are the results from our first time trial:

  2. RobS 2RobS

    Sorry, we will not have time trials for the next two weeks. The next one is planned for Wednesday Nov. 7th., details coming soon.

    Here is the stoke technique analysis video from last Wednesday:

    And here are the results:

    For updates on the weekly time trials, please visit:

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