Narrated Downwind Run – Hawaii Kai Run Tips by Robert Stehlik


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Downwind runs are exciting and fun. In the surf, you are often waiting for a set or your turn to catch the next wave. On a downwinder, there are no crowds, you have long windswells that stretch across the whole ocean to play with, you are always on the move, going from one glide to the next, surfing the bumps.

It’s not easy though, it takes balance, timing, patience, good paddling skills, fitness, and experience which comes from lots of time on the water. It can also be dangerous to head out into the open ocean unprepared, so make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. I enjoy sharing what I have learned and have been offering coaching to paddlers that want to experience the joy of downwind paddling. For more information on SUP lessons and coaching offered by Blue Planet, please visit:

I was inspired by a video from Jermey Riggs (click to watch it) on Maui doing a Maliko run to do a narrated downwind run while talking about some of the things I try to teach on a coaching run. Watching these videos will not replace a good coach but it will be helpful before doing your first downwinder, especially a Hawaii Kai run on Oahu. I split it up into 3 videos to keep them shorter, enjoy!

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This is another video of a run a few days earlier, no narrating in this one, just music:

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