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I recently did a demo of the Blue Planet 9′0″ x 29″ “Rockn’ Roller” stand up paddle surfboard. The board is able to float a rider up to 220 lbs but the caveat is that if you’re over 200 lbs your balance needs to be really good, especially if your conditions are choppy.

I tried this board in waist high south shore conditions. I was impressed with the stability. Even in slightly windy conditions I was able to balance. I think this board is more suited to riders under 190 lbs and especially for women. It’s fairly light weight so it’s easy to carry. The lift sup handle is also a nice touch and makes carrying the board easier. It’s also useful when you need to lock it up.

This board will perform nicely in steeper waves because of the pulled in nose. I’m not used to riding a pulled in nose and wider tail shape so I had some adjusting to do. The board surfs and turns nicely although in windy, choppy conditions I prefer something wider with more float. That’s just my preference.

Blue Planet offers demo days for all their boards so if you’re interested you should attend one and try out all the different models.

Board info from Blue Planet:

The 9′0″ Rockn’ Roller is a high performance surf SUP for advanced riders. Featuring slightly concave standing area, thinned out rail shape and pulled in nose with rounded pin tail, this one carves hard for advanced riders up to 190 lbs.

Blue Planet 9-0x29 Rockn' Roller SUP Surfboard

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  1. RobS 1RobS

    Thanks for the review Evan,
    The 9′0 x 29″ Rock N’ Roller is actually recommended for advanced riders up to 190 lbs. At 220 lbs you are really pushing the volume limits of this board, so I’m not surprised you were struggling on it in chop. For more information and a video of myself (190 lbs) surfing this model, please visit:

    Robert Stehlik

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