Connor Baxter & Annabel Anderson power to victory on Day 1 in San Francisco


Saturday 31 August

Connor Baxter does it again: another victory at AC Open

Connor Baxter (Starboard) battles back on the last leg of the challenging long distance race, to edge ahead of Kai Lenny (Naish) to take the win here in the long distance course of the AC Open, Stop #7 on the 2013 Stand Up World Series. Strong wins, strong tides and tumultuous ocean conditions set the scene for a radical long distance course today at the AC Open, that took center stage at the America’s Cup here in San Francisco.

The start was cheered on by the Red Bull Youth squads here for their all important America’s Cup Youth event, as the World’s best powered off the start.

Connor Baxter kept reserve in the tank so that a small stumble around the final buoy by 2012 World Champion Kai Lenny allowed him to slip ahead and power over the finish line first. A well deserved victory for the young Champion from Maui who has been on an unbeatable streak over the past 6 months.

While this is a confidence booster for Connor, tomorrow’s Sprint Racing will be the next challenge, as he hopes to claim another clean sweep here at Stop 7 of the 2013 Stand Up World Series. This will not be an easy feat, given Kai Lenny’s grit and determination and the caliber of athletes here at the AC Open in San Francisco, so stay tuned and watch the action live as it unfolds right here at:


Kai Lenny puts on another impressive performance in SF

Kai Lenny (Naish) had a great start and remained in the leading pack for the whole race, taking the lead through the second half of the race, and maintaining the lead right up until the final stretch to the finish line, when Connor Baxter (Starboard) managed to find what it takes to catch and overtake Kai in the closing stages of the race.

An incredible performance from Kai and a demonstration that he means business here at the AC Open: tomorrow is another day and the event is far from over yet – the Sprint Racing will be coming to you live from 1.30pm PST onwards, so make sure to tune into:


Mo Freitas puts on a performance way beyond his years

Mo Freitas (Focus SUP) continues his incredible roll in 2013 to finish in an impressive 3rd place behind Kai Lenny (Naish) and Connor Baxter (Starboard) and was battling for the lead for much of the way, clearly demonstrating that he is not only a force to be reckoned with, but a real contender.

Given his young age, and his talent in the surfing side of the sport too, there is no doubt that Mo Freitas is a name to watch out for not only in the future, but the present, as he continues to knock down the doors and put the pressure on his elders.


Zane Schweitzer continues to make his presence felt here

More known for his surf antics and insane ability in the surfing side of the sport, Zane Schweitzer (Starboard) is increasingly becoming a real threat on the Stand Up World Series, as he has strung together some incredible performances throughout the year here on the 2013 Stand Up World Series.

With a couple of 4th places in Brazil and Chicago, Zane also secured a 2nd place in Bilbao, Spain, so is looking in a solid position as we head towards the prestigious finals at Turtle Bay, on Oahu’s Fabled North Shore.

With his 4th place here today, and the sprint racing still to come tomorrow (his stronger suit), Zane could well be a name to watch out for here in San Francisco as he is right on the heels of the front runners Connor Baxter (Starboard) and Kai Lenny (Naish).

Stay tuned to to watch the action live as it unfolds right before your eyes tomorrow and we conclude this all important and prestigious 7th stop on the 2013 Stand Up World Series here at the America’s Cup.


Kody Kerbox finishes in 5th, but is looking for redemption

Kody Kerbox (Naish) was coined as the comeback kid in Chicago last weekend after a disappointing result for him in the sprint racing followed up by an impressive finish in the long distance, propelling him into 5th place overall.

Here in San Francisco, while he is disappointed not to be on the podium, a 5th place in the long distance lays the foundations for a strong finish for the young talent from Maui as we come into Day 2 of the AC Open, Stop 7 on the 2013 Stand Up World Series.

Stay tuned to watch it all go down live at:


Annabel Anderson puts on the most impressive race yet

Just when you think you have seen it all, Annabel Anderson (Starboard) from New Zealand puts on another mind-blowing performance here at the AC Open in San Francisco, leading the entire fleet throughout the first leg of the course ahead of the likes of Connor Baxter (Starboard) and Kai Lenny (Naish), only to slip back slightly coming into the South Pier of the Golden Gate Bridge, to come back to the finish line with a comfortable win for the women and in 5th place amongst the men!

An incredible performance from this phenomenal talent from New Zealand, as she continues to take the world by storm.

Watch out for Annabel tomorrow in the Sprint Racing component of the AC Open, Stop 7 on the 2013 Stand Up World Series right here at:


Jenny Kalmbach puts on solid performance at AC Open

Jenny Kalmbach (Naish) holds here own here in San Francisco in one of the most challenging races of the year so far, coming in in second place in the women’s division behind the formidable Annabel Anderson (Starboard).

This is the first World Series event this year for the ever impressive athlete, resident on the Big Island of Hawaii and one of the leading female figures in the sport of Stand Up Paddling. We look forward to seeing much more of Jenny over the coming months as we come into the final stages of the 2013 season.

Jenny now has it all to play for tomorrow to catch Annabel and become the first person to have beaten Annabel in well over a year – stay tuned to watch the action unfold live right here at:


Jen Lee powers to the finish here at the AC Open in SF

Jen Lee, resident in Hawaii, but original west coast native put on a strong performance in the challenging conditions on offer here at Marina Green today, and benefited from a course mistake by Halie Harrison (Focus SUP), who put on a great performance to finish in 3rd place, but took the wrong side of one of the marks to push her back in the ratings as a result.

Jen Lee is definitely a leading paddler and a name to watch out for as we come towards the closing stages of the year, with stop 3 on the US Trilogy in Huntington and then the World Championship Finals still to come at Turtle Bay, on Oahu’s Fabled North Shore.


Watch the Sprint Racing live from the America’s Cup in SF

Make sure to join us live tomorrow (Sunday 1st September) for the action live from San Francisco, as we get underway with the Sprint Racing component of Stop 7 on the 2013 Stand Up World Series.

The AC Open, brought to you by Starboard, PUMA, 101 Surf Sports and Punta Sayulita Resort Community will bring you a full day of action tomorrow, where you can expect both drama and intrigue, as the very best in the world prepare to do battle in front of one of the most prestigious and complete audiences imaginable right here at the America’s Cup.

With 10,000 capacity in the stadium seating, coupled with the standing room throughout the event site and site wide jumbotrons, it will be a full house here tomorrow at the AC Open, so make sure to join us live at:


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Make sure to visit for a chance to win a free stay at the World renowned Turtle bay Resort, on Oahu’s Fabled North Shore.

As headquarters to the Waterman League, Turtle Bay also plays host the prestigious World Championship Finals taking place from the 11th – 13th October on property at Turtle Bay.

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