Wednesday Training Group: Meeting at 5:00 PM Hawaii Kai – Coaching Topic: Surfing on Raceboards



Surfing on Raceboards:
This Wednesday we will talk about surfing raceboards, warm up, do a sprint out to the Blinker Buoy, then practice catching and surfing waves in the bay.

Please note: meeting time is 5 PM at the Hawaii Kai boat ramp.

Many thanks to the participants of our race last Saturday:
Wet Feet Blue Planet Surf WPA Regional Championships


Where: We meet by the Hawaii Kai Boat ramp and enter the water on the small beach on the left of the boat ramp. We will start with some weekly coaching tips and stretches before hitting the water to do some drills and warm up for the time trial.

When: 5:30 pm this Wednesday and every Wednesday until further notice

What: We will start with signup, technique coaching on the grass with a different topic/focus each week, drills, warmup, paddle to the start. The time trial will start around 6:15 pm on the beach at Portlock. We will keep track of name, race number, board class (12′6, 14′, unlimited, other watercraft welcome to join) and male/female, no age groups.

Why: The goal is to improve technique, stay in shape and boost performance. Comparing times will allow us to see improvements in conditioning, the effect of using different technique and gear, and the impact of the conditions/wind. Times will be recorded and posted online after each time trial and we will have a spreadsheet that will make it easy to compare performance. We want to encourage some of the younger paddlers and help them become competitive racers. Please join us and forward this email to any friends you think might be interested, the more the merrier. Although the coaching/time trials are geared towards more advanced paddlers, we always welcome less experienced paddlers that want to improve their skills.

02-time_trial_course_to_14_marker This is the bay course: Portlock beach start to the blinker buoy (last channel marker), to the inside green #1 channel marker (left turn), right hand turn on the last green channel marker by the canoe hale, back toward the keyhole. The finish is at the red #14 marker.

photo_4_451b1ac Turn around at the Blinker Buoy.

photo_2_10 Then we come back, hopefully catching a wave or two, paddling towards the bridge, then turn left at the green #1 buoy.

photo_1_10 Right hand turn on the last channel marker by the boat ramp.

03-ed_wheelerde76a6 This #14 marker is the finish line.

Payment information:

The first time trial is always FREE to newcomers. If you are attending for the second (or more) time, there is a charge of $15 per class or $100 for a pack of 10 ($10 per class). We don’t take payments at the event, so please go to either the Blue Planet or Wet Feet store to pay, or you can pay for it online here (you can choose one time pass or 10x pass in options):

If you purchase a 10 pack, we will use the time trial results to keep track of how many time trials you have attended. Jeff is keeping a spreadsheet of who paid and how many credit were used. We will let you know when the next payment is due. Mahalo!

For more information of the Weekly Wednesdays coaching and time trials, please visit this post:

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