Tradewinds are back! Wednesday Training Group: Downwinder – Meet 4:30 Kahala



After a few weeks of sweltering heat and light winds it looks like we will have some nice trades this Wedensday, so we will take advantage of the tailwinds with a downwind run!

We will meet on Wednesday at 4:30 pm at Kahala Beach park. Please let Robert or Jeff know if you want to rent a race board for $20, otherwise we will see you at Kahala.


This is the windguru forecast page I like to check:

kahala_runfade61 This is the GPS track of a Kahala Run, about 5 miles.

kahala_meeting_place This is the Kahala Beach Park where we meet, also known as Waialae Beach Park.

Payment information:

The first training group is always FREE to newcomers. If you are attending for the second (or more) time, there is a charge of $15 per class or $100 for a pack of 10 ($10 per class). We don’t take payments at the event, so please go to either the Blue Planet store to pay, or you can pay for it online here (you can choose one time pass or 10x pass in options):

If you purchase a 10 pack, we will use the time trial results to keep track of how many time trials you have attended. Jeff is keeping a spreadsheet of who paid and how many credit were used. We will let you know when the next payment is due.

Rental boards:
The cost to rent a race board (including leash and paddle) for the training group is $30, which includes transportation to and from the event. Please reserve a rental board with 24 hour notice with either Robert or Jeff.

For more information of the Weekly Wednesdays coaching and time trials, please visit this post:

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