Quarterfinals completed in pumping surf, as Zane Schweitzer excels with a near perfect score


Morocco’s Location X sees pumping surf for Day 3 of Main event, w/ pristine conditions

Day 3 of the Main Event sees incredible conditions, as the swell holds and even builds overnight to provide full size surf for the quarterfinals.

Epic waves were the order of the day throughough the quarterfinals and whil semi final number one was kicked off, an intense fog filled in making it impossible to continue competition.

The Semi Finals will pick back up again this morning, with the swell still holding, and the conditions set to fire. Make sure to stay tuned for live updates on facebook

Check out the highlights from this dramatic 3rd day of action as history is made for this inaugural Location X here in Morocco: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeryBwRBBwQ

Zane Schweitzer wows the judges to post a near perfect score in his quarterfinal heat

It was Zane Schweitzer’s (Starboard) moment to shine today, as the swell pulsed and he was able to capitalize by picking off some of the very best waves of the day, linking critical turns under and through the lip to earn him a near perfect 9.9 for his top scoring wave.

His back up of a 7.0 was achieved with just one radical turn, as he drove through the lip and air dropped down the face. An impressive performance from Zane, who is currently 5th in the world and looking to finish the year on a high here in Morocco.

Stay tuned for live updates from the final day of action today at www.facebook/standupwolrdtour and for highlights, galleries and much more at www.watermanleague.com

Sean Poynter excels in the full size surf to post two solid scores and advance to semis

Sean Poynter (Starboard) continues to progress through the competition with stellar performances, posting scores in the excellent range to now make it through to the semi finals.

Sean has been surfing smart, being selective with his waves and making the most of every scoring opportunity. He will now face an on form James Casey (JP Australia) in the first heat of the day: semifiinal #1.

Make sure to stay tuned for live updates on facebook together with highlights, galleries, news and much more at the Stand Up World Tour Facebook page and www.watermanleague.com

James Casey proves himself in the full size surf, advancing through to the semifinals

James Casey (JP Australia) has been revelling in the bigger conditions here in Morocco, using his power to his advantage and attacking the full size surf with everything he has got.

James has become a mainstay on the World Tour over the past year and is coming into his own at this final Location X event of the year – we are looking forward to see how he fares against World #3 Sean Poynter (Starboard) in the semi finals, as he makes it one step closer to the prestigious Final here in Morocco.

Make sure to stay tuned for live updates at facebook and for highlights at www.watermanleague.com

Bernd Roediger steps up to make his presence felt in Morocco’s Location X

Bernd Roediger surfed smart in the quarters, picking off some of the best looking waves and reading them well to post solid scores. Being brought up on Maui has certainly helped his level of comfort in this kind of surf, but Bernd has really shown here in Morocco he has the mindset and ability to win.

Watch out for today’s action as he comes up against fellow Maui boy, Zane Schweitzer in Semi final number 2.

Stay tuned for LIVE updates at facebook and check out the highlights from yesterday at watermanleague.com

With just Semis through Finals to go, stay tuned as the Location X goes mobile

With just 4 heats remaining to complete this epic Location X Special event here in Morocco, the swell is still pumping and the options for performance surfing increasing as secret spots turn on and the roving venue provides us with the option to capitalize on the best location for the best conditions.

First call will be at 7am, as we evaluate and make a call on the best possible spot here in South Morocco for the culmination of this spectacular event.

Make sure to stay tuned for the live updates at www.facebook.com/standupworldtour and highlights at www.watermanleague.com

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