Great opening day of action here at the Mirleft Stand Up Pro, the 2014 Location X in Morocco


Epic day of action here at Day 1 of the Mirleft Stand Up Pro, the 2014 Location X

The winds have backed off, the swell has stayed up and the scene has been set for an epic week of action here in Morocco, with Day 1 providing high performance surfing just north of Plage d’Aglou.

On the tail end of a more mixed up swell, this secret spot was still able to provide high performance right hand point break conditions that you would expect here in Morocco, and allowed the athletes to deliver high scores to match.

Bernd Roediger notched up the highest single wave score of the day with a 9.75 that saw him catch one of the best waves to come through today and milk every section to the max, winning his Round 1 heat to advance directly through to Round 3. However, his opponent and great friend Fisher Grant put on a valiant fight with some of the best turns of the day in what was without doubt the heat of the day.

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Sean Poynter continues his roll in Morocco with the highest heat score total of the day

Sean Poynter’s (Starboard) winning form continues here in Morocco as he puts on a solid Round 1 performance to post the highest heat score total of the day and showcases high performance surfing at this unique right hand point break.

As we progress on into Round 3 tomorrow and the swell fills in, Sean is without doubt one of the favorites to watch out for moving on through this competition as the Top seed here and one of the on form surfers so far.

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Kai Bates steps up here in Morocco to post the second highest heat score total today

Kai Bates’ (Fanatic) surfing has gone from strength to strength over the past year and while his results this year have perhaps not reflected his true potential yet, he turned it on today, posting the second highest heat score total of the day, to advance on into Round 3.

Kai’s explosive surfing has been catching people’s eyes all year and judging by his performance here so far, it will take him a long way here at the 2014 Location X Roving event in Morocco.

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Giorgio Gomez puts on a solid performance with some radical surfing in Round 1

Giorgio Gomez’s (Starboard) surfing is eye catching – explosive and dynamic, Giorgio throws everything into his turns, and today put on a vertical assault on his backhand to score the 3rd highest heat score total of the day and impressing both riders and judges alike.

There is no doubt that this new crew of young guns are coming into their own and will be setting the pace over the next few years for performance surfing here on the Stand Up World Tour.

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The Women take on the Men, as Izzi Gomez makes it out of Repo to advance to Round 3

It was a stressful start to the day for Kai Bates (Fanatic) today, as he came up against the 2014 Women’s World Champion in Round 1 of the Main Event. While he has certainly been one of the on form surfers of the event so far, Izzi Gomez (Starboard) is a force to be reckoned with and is a tough competitor whether facing men or women.

Much to his relief, Kai did end up taking the win, meaning that our 2 women competitors, Sophia Tiare Bartlow and Izzi would meet up in the Repechage for a widely anticipated duel.

Sophia was coming off a great performance at the Finals in France and seems right at home here in Morocco, but unfortunately was unable to get the scores she needed to keep on progressing in the competition, much to the delight of Izzi Gomez, who moves onto Round 3 behind the young French talent Julien Bouyer (Naish).

There will be more Sophia vs Izzi battles to come here as we will be setting up more woman on woman duels over the coming days.

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Epic ground swell to kick in tomorrow through Thursday, as tension mounts

After a great day of action today here in South Morocco, we are now ramping up for what is nothing short of an epic forecast for the next few days.

With the non elimination first round under our belt as well as the repechage, we will now get down to business in Round 3, as the waves are set to turn on, the winds to remain non existent, and the performance level is set to shoot through the roof.

With a number of possible and mind blowing point breaks at our disposal, the crew will be out at the crack of dawn to determine the best possible spot for the next stage of this groundbreaking Location X event in Morocco, the Mirleft Stand Up Pro.

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