Stand up paddle surf Dreaming


Been dreaming of stand up paddle surfing. Thinking of stand up paddle surfing. Wishing I could stand up paddle surf. Finally cracked and grabbed my 9′6″ Chambers this morning for a quick paddle at Old Man’s. It was gale force winds, but I had to get wet. No one in the water anywhere so waves were all mine. Managed a couple fun rides and got my fix.

I’m dreaming of a new board. Custom Chambers? 9′2″ Chambers production board? Hand shaped Jimmy Lewis? 10′ C-4 boardworks? It is amazing the selection of boards we have available today. I remember not too long ago when I had to use a Surftech Munoz because there was nothing else around.

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4 Responses to “Stand up paddle surf Dreaming”

  1. Evan Leong 1evan

    Wasn’t it kiteboarding weather today?

  2. Andy 2Andy

    Dreaming it sounds like you had a wild solo session…. what did you think of your new board ?

    You are right about the amount of great boards available now… it will be interesting to see how things change over the next year…. it’s going to be fun.

    Ride safe


  3. Evan Leong 3evan

    Carnet – Can you tell people your weight and surf ability so they can gauge how you’re handling your board?

  4. Carnet Williams 4carnetw

    Well… there’s how much I weigh today and what I hope to weigh next month. I’m 5′10″, 185 pounds. I would consider myself beginner-intermediate on a SUP and probably an OK surfer generally.

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