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I just put on the C4 grip on my stand up paddle. My paddle is 78″ long and the blade is 8.5″. I have another one that’s 80″ long which I use for downwind paddles and when I let my friends use my other boards. I think I installed it wrong but it still works. I don’t know if I like the grip diameter being so big but it does make the paddle easier on my hands and add a lot of extra grip. I like that it’s a bright color which makes it easy to spot in the water if I drop it. The downside is that when it gets dirty it looks really dirty.

Full C4 78″ stand up paddle:

C4 Waterman Stealth Stand Up Paddle and Paddle Grip

C4 stand up paddle grip:

stand up paddle rim guard edge protection

Here’s the video:

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icon for podpress  C4 stand up paddle grip [0:25m]: Download
icon for podpress  C4 stand up paddle grip [0:25m]: Download

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  1. Chris 1Chris

    You can buy a small sheet of colored EVA foam from a craft store like Michaels for 1 or 2 dollars, spray some adhesive on it and make your own grip.

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