Stand Up Paddle Surf Instructional Video


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Ran across this pretty cool instructional video on Stand Up Surf. Very well done.

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8 Responses to “Stand Up Paddle Surf Instructional Video”

  1. Evan Leong 1evan

    Dude, have you been in the water this week…any waves?

  2. Carnet Williams 2carnetw

    It is soooo windy here this week. I could bring a towel and start windsurfing. I actually went for a swim instead.

  3. Evan Leong 3evan

    Would’ve been a good day to demo the F-16

  4. Ethan 4Ethan


    Thanks for offering help with Parmenters #. I tried the Bonga and it seems
    perfect for me. I am really, really excited about it since it seems to be
    everything I wanted in the board, until the next model comes out. It feels
    just like a 9′ Schaper longboard that is a dream
    to paddle. So I am going to get it. I wrote a review for it on the
    Southpoint site but I don’t know if they will actually add it. I emailed a
    general comment to your site, I don’t know if you will post it somewhere.
    I did add the automotive door guards to the paddle for a little more peace
    of mind since I was trying out that board. The bigger hit area should help.
    That’s great that you found
    those Infinity ones, the length is better. Plus it may be a softer
    material? I truly appreciate what you are
    doing and the time you spend at it. I wish you continued success with the
    stand up site and everything else.

  5. harris 5harris

    Speaking of F16, who’s down with crossing Kaiwi channel next year? I’m thinking about doing it but need a partner.

    I went sunday morning. Windless but total crap for waves on the south shore. Tide was also very high which made things worse.

  6. Carnet Williams 6carnetw

    I’d totally be up for it… but not sure I am willing to commit to buying a true downwind board. Maybe we train hard and either lease/rent or split one downwind board for the actual run.

    Let’s get a downwind training group together for fun this winter (when there’s no waves on the NS)

  7.  7admin

    Carnet – If you’re going to do the Kaiwi run with Harris then I can help you locate a downwind board to use.

  8. Carnet Williams 8carnetw

    I’d like to give it a try… and at least try to train for it.

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