Help us choose a logo


We are currently designing a logo for  Are we on track? Please post your comments and help us!

Mockups for logos

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10 Responses to “Help us choose a logo”


    I vote for #2!

  2. harris 2harris

    I would vote 1 then 2. I’m wanting a wave somewhere since surf is in the name.

  3. srfnff 3srfnff

    I like 1 and then 2 also.

  4. Andy 4Andy

    It’s got to be 1

  5. DW 5DW


  6. Baby Bagus 6Baby Bagus

    I’d say #1 or #4, but definitely not #2 or #3

  7. gjbsup 7gjbsup

    UNO for Logo

  8. Carnet Williams 8carnetw

    #1 or #2.. definitely something with a board, paddle and a nice hard cutback!

  9. Evan Leong 9evan

    Thanks a lot guys…We’re working on mockup 2 based on everyone’s feedback here in the comments and the ones emailed.

  10. V 10V

    I vote for number one but make a wave with the words. For instance have “StandUpPaddle” the beginning of the wave starting to peak and the”S” of the lip of the wave, down the face leading into “” to make out the bottom of the wave/flat. Does that make sense?

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