Stand Up Paddle Tip – What to do with the paddle when wiping out


I read a tip about what to do with the paddle when you wipe out and get dragged in the whitewash. Stand up paddle surf boards are BIG so when you fall in big surf you get dragged like a rag doll. There’s a way to make your paddle an asset instead of a liability in a wipe out.

Here’s the tip:

What about XXL big wipe out tactics?
Think of your paddle as a tool, not an inconvenience during a big wipe out. If you venture into big surf and are wearing a leash, you can get dragged and held under by your large board, but a great way to minimize that is to straighten out your body with your paddle and blade facing back while being pulled feet first. Hold the paddle in two hands with the blade behind you and put downward pressure on the paddle blade, while being pulled along. This will help the blade act like the tail on a plane and force you to the surface. With a little practice it happens easily and this will help you to the surface and save your leash from turning into a piece of Linguini. Good luck.

I tried this today and you know what, it worked. I wasn’t in massive surf but head to head and a half high and enough to hold you down for a while. I held the paddle with 2 hands and started flapping it like a dolphin’s tail flaps and it sent me right to the top. I’ll try it again next session and see if it works two times in a row.

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3 Responses to “Stand Up Paddle Tip – What to do with the paddle when wiping out”

  1. PonoBill 1PonoBill

    It also works to hold the paddle across your chest with the blade angled up past your head. I think you get a little more leverage this way. The downside is that it kind of twists you as you come up, but it gets you to the surface and keeps you there. A big plus.

  2. PonoBill 2PonoBill

    Since when is head to head and half high not massive surf? You must have been hanging out with Teddy (Laird’s caretaker)–he calls any wave that scares the crap out of me “small”.

  3. Evan Leong 3evan

    I know what you mean. I guess I’m used to talking to the local guys that live for triple overhead barrels at Pipeline.

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