C4 WATERMAN Releases ‘Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Hawaiian Style, Volume 1: Basics to Intermediate’ DVD



HONOLULU – (Friday, October 12, 2007) – C4 Waterman, the leaders in the stand-up paddle surfing market, have teamed up with Premiere Productions to produce Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Hawaiian Style, Volume 1: Basics to Intermediate.

This comprehensive how-to DVD for those looking to enjoy the rebirth of SUP “stoke” is now available in select surf stores and on-line at www.c4waterman.com, at the suggested retail price of $24.99.

Click here to view a preview of the DVD.

Filmed on-location in Hawaii and the Maldives, this entertaining instructional DVD provides background to the sport and takes the viewer all the way from beginning techniques to more advanced tips for the intermediate stand-up paddle surfer. It will soon be followed by an intermediate-to-advanced guide.

Some of Hawaii’s world-class watermen, including C4 Waterman’s Brian Keaulana, take you step-by-step from first-time basics to wave-riding, secret techniques, Pro Tips and a ton of insane action and stunning scenery in-between. Bonus chapters include additional action, contests and loads more, featuring high profile riders along with recreational enthusiasts – male and female, young and old.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Hawaiian Style is the definitive how-to video for this emerging sport. Whether you’re looking to reinvent your fitness workout, step up your flat-water training, or prepare for a season of surf, you’ll get there faster with the information presented in this DVD.

Right in time for the holidays, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Hawaiian Style is a perfect stocking-stuffer for any water enthusiast. Look for Volume 2 around Christmas time.

For More Information or to obtain a copy:
Please visit c4waterman.com

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3 Responses to “C4 WATERMAN Releases ‘Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Hawaiian Style, Volume 1: Basics to Intermediate’ DVD”

  1. Carnet Williams 1carnetw

    Is this the video that has our most excellent Evan showcased? Something about a session at bowls?

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    Sure is…and I just got one in hand this morning. I’ll post once I view it.

  3. linter 3linter

    can’t wait for the review … though i already have the dvd on order. and then vol 2, advanced, is due around xmas. and i hear a laird sup vid is due in a month or so. and the sup dvd from REALkiteboarding is already out. hope between all of them they can make me the SUPer guy i’ve always wanted to be!

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