2008 Hennessey’s Races


We just got a heads up from Chris Koerner on the 2008 Hennessey’s paddleboard race series for the mainland US, Hawaii, and Europe. He spoke to race director Tim Ritter and according to him most of these events will have a SUP division, and depending on the numbers there may be a stock, unlimited and age divisions depending on the number on entrants.

We encourage everyone who’s interested to join Hennessey’s mailing list (HENNESSEYSRACES@AOL.COM). Send them your contact info and let them know you’re into paddling in a SUP division.

Here’s the advisory from Hennessey’s:

Aloha everyone!

My name is Lina and I will be assisting Tim Ritter this year with the internal duties in setting up the Hennessey’s paddleboard events. Some of you may have seen me around photographing events for Hennessey’s the past couple of years.

I am in the process of trying to recreate a master mailing list. Please send me your name, email and snail mail addresses to assist me in this process and so that you will be sure to get all the latest information on the Hennessey’s race series.

We have many exciting events in the works for 2008. Here is a tentative schedule of what we have on our agenda:

  1. Race down the Colorado river, Laughlin to Needles, Spring ‘08 TBA
  2. Pier-to-Pier race, Hermosa Pier to Manhattan Pier, Friday, May 23rd. 3.5 miles.
  3. Hobie/Hennessey Race, Doheny, CA Date TBA
  4. Hennessey’s International Championships, North Shore, Oahu, Saturday, July 19th, Turtle Bay to Waimea Bay. 7 miles.
  5. Hennessey’s US Championships, Hermosa Beach pier, Aug. 16th, new course, 10 miles.
  6. Quicksilver Europe. Saturday, Sept. 6th. San Sebastian, Spain to Capbreton, France. 41 miles Hennessey 3-man teams will be qualified by solo racing via the Hennessey’s race series. Hennessey’s will be sponsoring several teams to spend ten days in France and participate in the longest paddleboard relay race in the world. Details to come!

Keep an eye on the message boards for date confirmations and we will be sending out emails, as well, so be sure to update your information as soon as possible to HENNESSEYSRACES@AOL.COM.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me. Let me apologize in advance for duplicate emails.


PS To view photographs from paddleboard events I shot the past two years, please visit my website at http://fontainephoto.smugmug.com/Events

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  1. bob rief 1bob rief

    I am from C4. I have been trying to register for laughlin..no luck. we need 3 rooms and entry for 5 paddlers. How do I proceed?

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